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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What Punishment Fits?

By Susan Logan
Editor of and CAT FANCY magazine

CAT FANCY and CatChannel Editor Susan Logan blogs about two teens who tortured a cat to death.

I’m still numb after reading one of the stories on today’s CatChannel Newswire about two Alberta, Canada, teens who broke into a home and tortured the family cat to death in a microwave oven. To say the story grieves and disturbs me just isn’t quite enough to describe how I feel.

I grieve for Princess the cat, who suffered great physical and emotional pain that lasted for maybe 10 minutes before she died. I grieve for Princess’ family knowing how their beloved cat’s last moments were spent. And I’m disturbed that there are people who could do such a thing walking freely in our society.

One hundred hours of community service with no jail time does not fit this crime. These are 16-year-olds, not children. They know good from evil and they knew this was evil. They could have put a stop to what they were doing at some point during the 10 minutes in which Princess was screaming in pain. But they let it go on until she died.

I can’t even imagine what punishment would fit such a crime and I don’t want to, because I don’t want my thoughts to be as cruel as theirs. I do believe they will have to answer to God one day and, frankly, they should be scared.

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What Punishment Fits?

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Reader Comments

Vi    Sheridan, WY

8/29/2010 9:58:47 PM

I had heard about this quite some time ago & have lost many nights sleep about it. I can't get it off my mind every time I pass the microwave. They basically got away with it! I'd like to torture them in the same manner & then some! Their names & pictures should be splattered everywhere to humiliate them. This just makes me sick! What goes around comes around.

Larry    Randolph, NH

8/6/2010 6:50:02 PM

As a human, there is nothing within the law that could ever fit their crime, including execution. As a Satanist, I would have them tortured and then killed. From a Machiavellian perspective, It would be the Satanist aspect, but televised as a deterent. You hurt a cat, this is what happens to you. I tell anyone that comes into my apartment, you hit or hurt my 3 babies, you wont leave alive or in one peice. This may sound cruel, but the human condition understands nothing less.

Glenda    Glasgow, KY

9/30/2009 5:39:08 AM

what is wrong with teens today? what did that cat do to them to make them want to do this? of course I wander what part had to do with their parents not punishing enough for things they do

lori    MINOT, ND

2/28/2009 3:02:48 PM

OMG!!!HOW HORRIBLE!!!I think that THEY should be shoved into a microwave oven to see how it feels!!!HOW AWFUL!!!How can someone do this to an animal????I'm seriously sickened by it!!!!

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