'Cats 101' Premieres Saturday on Animal Planet

CatChannel's Nikki Batalis blogs about a show that cat lovers can curl up with.

By Nikki Batalis | Posted: Dec. 5, 2008, 3 a.m. EST

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Cooper the American Shorthair
Michael and Dierdre Cross read a book with their picture-taking
cat, Cooper, an American Shorthair. Photo courtesy Animal Planet.
Finally, cats are  getting some equal time on TV.

I love animal shows of all kinds, but find it's pretty darned hard to find a show about cats. Even on Animal Planet, which I love, the programming is heavy on dogs, wild animals and "Animal Cops."

But the network is shortsighted no more: "Cats 101" premieres at 8 p.m. EST Saturday, Dec. 6, on Animal Planet, and it's a great showcase for kitties: It's interesting, informative and entertaining.

The show spotlights several breeds; on the premiere show, it showcases the American Shorthair, Savannah, Scottish Fold, Persian, Ragdoll and Sphynx.

Each breed is profiled with interesting stories about its origins and history, as well as a snapshot for potential owners about its needs in grooming, health and family.

What makes the show especially interesting are the people and their cats that are profiled: the second-grade teacher who plans her curriculum using her Scottish Fold cats; the cat groomer in South Carolina who shaves her Persian clients, spins their fur into yarn, then creates custom purses for their owners; the couple who own the Cat House in San Diego, the most widly cat-centric abode imaginable; one couple who put a camera on their cat's collar and were able to view the world through his eyes; and Matilda the Ragdoll, the house cat at the Algonquin in New York City, who  rules the roost in that chic hotel.

The show is well-produced, funny and fast-paced, and I suspect that cat lovers will lap it up. 

Episode 2 of "Cats 101" will air next week, on Saturday, Dec. 13. 


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'Cats 101' Premieres Saturday on Animal Planet

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Adrienne    Edmonds, WA

1/15/2010 7:25:58 PM

I love your show, and saw it for the first time last week. I am passionate about cats and own a cats only grooming salon outside of Seattle, WA. I think our salon would make a great segment for your show. After showing in CFA for years, I decided to turn a hobby into a business. We have over 1500 clients and have now franchised our little cottage industry. City Kitty is a high end spa for cats, using flower essences, aromatherapy, and relaxing music. We do Jojoba hot oil treatments and spa facials and use only natural, botanical based products. Please see what we do on our website at citykittygrooming.com. There is also a video to see us in action. WE LOVE CATS!

Janeen    Dallas, HI

1/2/2010 10:11:09 AM

I love that you have a show all about different cat breeds on. This show is very informative and very entertaining! Looking forward to watching this show all the time. Thank you!

Cynthia    Frederick, MD

11/21/2009 9:37:57 PM

I really enjoy learning all about the different breeds of cats. However, I am disappionted that no episode has been done on the Pixie Bob of which I own two

Renae    La Plata, MD

7/29/2009 8:28:28 AM

These shows are great! Even reruns are enjoyable and remind you of something you "learned" but forgot!

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