To Touch a Cheetah

To Touch a Cheetah
While researching an article for CAT FANCY magazine, I had the unexpected privilege of petting a cheetah.
August 6, 2008

Cat Poo Coffee

Cat Poo Coffee
The world’s most expensive brew is made from a cat-like creature’s droppings. Who knew?
July 15, 2008

Time to Kick the Cat Out of Bed?
Britain’s top vet caused a stir by advising against sleeping in bed with the family dog. Sharing the bedroom with your pet is a personal choice — just not one I prefer.
April 25, 2008

Cat Cruelty Is No Joke
Three of my favorite TV comedies recently featured jokes about torturing or killing cats — a trend that echoes the anti-cat sentiment voiced by civic leaders, government officials and the public in recent days.
March 15, 2008

Cats on the Web
Cats are undeniable Internet superstars. But what caused the online cat craze?
December 31, 2007

Robin Rockey is the assistant editor of and a contributor to CAT FANCY magazine. She lives in Southern California with her husband and two cats: Rico, who is gray and white, and Loki, a Himalayan.

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