Light-Bulb Moment

Cleaning out Fudge?s water fountain and replacing the filter made me realize something.

By Sandy Robins | Posted: June 21, 2010, 3 a.m. EDT

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raindrop-shaped fountain
This stainless-steel fountain could fend off allergies.

It’s funny how something can be staring you in the face but you don’t see it. I had a “light bulb” moment this week while I was cleaning out Fudge’s water fountain and replacing the filter.

I was mindlessly washing and rinsing when I suddenly looked at it and it registered that the entire fountain was plastic.

For years I have been writing about how glass, ceramic and stainless steel make the best dinnerware for cats because some felines are allergic to plastic. In fact, I went into great detail about feline acne in my cat beauty book “Fabulous Felines: Health and Beauty Secrets for the Pampered Cat.”

I have also always promoted drinking fountains because cats are drawn to running water. I couldn’t believe that it never registered with me before that for cats that have allergy issues, a plastic fountain could be a problem.

It’s taken a while, but fortunately the market is now cognizant of the problem and I have since discovered two fabulous new fountains in stainless steel and ceramic made by Pioneer Pet. The stainless-steel fountain is shaped like a raindrop. It is definitely the most stylish design I’ve seen around.
The water bubbles up silently and slowly down one side for cats that like to drink running water while the water in the bowl itself is “still.” The ceramic one is the same design available in black. Someone at the company is taking note of the importance of cat accessories in terms of current interior design trends, both because stainless steel and black are top kitchen colors.

In our house I keep changing out fountains every time a new one comes on to the market for testing. But this one is definitely a keeper. Luckily for me, Fudge likes it, too.


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