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Mixed-breed cats

A Memento From My Cat Madison
CAT FANCY editor Susan Logan arrives for a business trip with a surprise present from her cat.
July 29, 2011

CAT FANCY editor Susan Logan and her mix-breed cats

Playing Well Together
CAT FANCY editor Susan Logan asks: How well do your cats get along?
July 15, 2011

Mixed-breed cats

Fourth of July Mayhem
CAT FANCY editor Susan Logan prepares for the fireworks that are sure to go off with her cats this weekend.
July 1, 2011

CAT FANCY editor Susan Logan and her mix-breed cat

A Cat at Home
CAT FANCY editor Susan Logan starts up her blog after an in-home cat photo shoot inspires her.
June 24, 2011


Smitten With Kittens
A litter of stray kittens visits the office, and all work stops.
May 20, 2010

Domestic shorthair

A Step in the Wrong Direction
The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a law that would have criminalized making and selling animal cruelty videos.
April 30, 2010


Cats and Suitcases
It seems like the cats are quite willing to sabotage travel plans when they see the luggage come out.
April 1, 2010

Kauai - Room View

Tsunamis, Feathered Friends and All-terrain Vehicles
What I did on spring break.
March 19, 2010

Feral cat

Heading to the Islands
I will be vacationing in Kauai, but cats won't be out of mind.
Feb. 26, 2010


My Cat Is a Star
Madison does a great job as a photo-shoot model, and I'm a proud stage mom.
Feb. 22, 2010

Susan Logan

Behind the Scenes of Cat College
It takes a team to pull it all together when it comes to a video shoot.
Feb. 12, 2010


Gimme Kittens
Cute kitten photos are a great breath of fresh air between assignments.
Jan. 29, 2010


Like Old Friends
A visit to Tippi Hedren's Shambala Preserve is a chance to reconnect with old friends, both human and feline.
Jan. 12, 2010

Chloe and Susan

Chloe’s Last Day
After coming to a painful decision, I cherish the final hours with my beloved pet.
Dec. 31, 2009

Chloe and Susan

Time Spent Wisely
My cat Chloe is in failing health, and our days together are precious.
Dec. 25, 2009


Time Flies at CAT FANCY
It may be mid-December in real life, but in magazine land, it's almost springtime.
Dec. 18, 2009

Cat College

Back to School
Cat College is keeping us busy, but it's full of amazing information.
Dec. 11, 2009

Susan speaking

Crying at the Networking Dinner
Talking about cat issues is a sure way to become emotional.
Dec. 4, 2009


Thanks for the Cats
Gratitude goes hand-in-hand with happiness this Thanksgiving.
Nov. 26, 2009


Last-Minute Details
CAT FANCY editing goes side by side with preparing for a business trip.
Nov. 19, 2009

Madison and Sophie

Cats Everywhere at Video Shoot
Cats do the unexpected during the creation of a video for CatChannel's upcoming Cat College.
Nov. 12, 2009

Susan and kitten

 A Friend in Need
CAT FANCY Editor Susan Logan blogs about her visit to North Shore Animal League America.
Sept. 18, 2009


 Behind the Name
CAT FANCY Editor Susan Logan blogs about the importance of a cat's name.
July 23, 2009

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