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We are the world’s largest publisher of animal-related books and magazine, including our flagship monthly magazine, CAT FANCY. Each month, we feature expert coverage and advice of cat care, health issues, information and entertainment. New and experienced cat owners rely on us for information about new advances in healthcare, innovative training techniques and exciting new products, as well as timely reminders and tips for preventative care. We also publish annual care guides, Cats USA and Kittens USA, that provide advice from choosing the right cat to shopping for the latest cat products.

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Cat Fancy


If you ever had a question about giving your cat a healthier, happier life, CAT FANCY has the answer. Each month, CAT FANCY finds the most helpful, unusual or poignant stories in the world of cats and brings them to hundreds of thousands of loyal readers.

Cats USA

Cats USA

Each fall, CATS USA provides a complete guide to choosing, raising and caring for a new cat or kitten. In addition to spotlighting breeds and care, CATS USA covers the feline world from art and entertainment to fiction, human interest stories and more.

Kittens USA

Kittens USA

From selecting a kitten to rescuing a cat to healthcare and training, KITTENS USA is a valuable resource that owners return to again and again. Published annually, it covers all the information a new cat owner needs.



Popular Cats Persians

Popular Cats Series

The Popular Cat series has two titles: Maine Coons and Persians. Each covers the breed in depth and provides a wealth of care information sure to interest both new and experienced owners of these popular breeds.

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