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Cat College Extension Studies
How it Works How it Works
Cat College is a series of online courses about cats. Classes include those on cat nutrition, history, art history, genetics, psychology, biology and natural science. Each class includes an article on a particular cat subject, a quiz to test out newfound cat knowledge and either a video, interactive map, downloadable chart or student project. Start with the 100 level of Cat College, for a solid foundation, and work up through the five levels, or take classes out of order for a challenge. Either way, enjoy exploring cat classes! Click here »

Registration Registration
Enroll now to begin Cat College coursework. Registration is easy and free. All new students need is a desire to learn about cat fundamentals. Once registered, check out the welcome video from CAT FANCY editor Susan Logan. She will provide additional information on the structure of Cat College and the path that students can take to acheive success in the program. Click here »
Class Schedule Class Schedule
You may attend any level while college is in session, however, each increasing college level provides a new foundation for further study. By starting with the 100 courses, you can gradually build knowledge to tackle the tougher subjects in the higher levels. At this level, you can master your Cat College fundamentals. Take courses in cat nutrition, genetics, sociology, physical education, zoology, art history, biology and language.
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Study Hall Study Hall
Meet fellow students on the forum and discuss Cat College classes. New students join often and benefit from seasoned Cat College attendees. Likewise, if you're a new student, you can gain valuable knowledge on the ins and outs of the Cat College cirruculum from more advanced students. Click here »

Student Union Student Union
Take a break from studying with a visit to the Cat College Student Union. More challenging articles, such as those on the details of the feline musculoskeletal system, can be a mental workout. Catch up with fellow Cat College students or relax with a game of Catch the Mouse or while putting together a CatChannel jigsaw puzzle. Click here »

University Store University Store
Show off your school spirit with products from the Cat College store! Sport a hat with the Cat College emblem when you're putting on your thinking cap or pour yourself a cup of coffee in your Cat College mug when you're cramming for a quiz. Click here »

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chetan    new york city, NY

9/4/2015 7:03:30 AM

Many myths, legends, folklore and superstitions are associated with cats. Some people think that cats have supernatural magical powers. Some people think that cats are extraterrestrial creatures. Some people think that cats have ability to change luck. Some people think that cats have ability to predict future.

chetan    new york city, NY

9/3/2015 4:28:09 AM

Cats outnumbered dogs in many countries of the world like United States of America, England, France, Austrailia and Japan. All intellectual people around the people like cats. Even the greatest scientists in the history of the world like Isaac Newton, Thomas Alva Edison, Einstein were cat lovers.

chetan    new york city, NY

9/3/2015 4:17:32 AM

The most beautiful breeds of cats are Persian, Norwegian forest cat also known as fairy cat, Maine coon, Ragdoll, Turkish Van, Turkish Angora and Chinchilla. The Maine coon and Norwegian forest cat are largest breeds of domestic cat whereas Singapura is shortest breed of cat. The Egyptian mau and Abyssinian breed of cats trace their origin from ancient sacred cats of Egypt. The Manx is a tailless breed of cat or manx breed of cat do not have a tail. The coat colour of russian blue breed of cat is blue. Cats and eyes of cats are found in all rainbow colours and their shades. Cats are nocturnal creatures. This means that cats are most active in the night. In exceptional rare cases, some kittens were born with wings attached to their body. Search information about winged cat on google search engine and also watch the real videos of winged cats on youtube.

chetan    new york city, NY

9/3/2015 4:03:25 AM

Scientific studies have shown that purring of cats have healing effect

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