Sad Cat Is Sad

Spot the signs of a depressed cat with this checklist of common cat depression symptoms.

By Helen Jablonski

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Sad Cat
A dip in your cat's activity level could signal depression.
Cat Hiss
Hissing cats who have never hissed before might suffer from depression. Also, those that vocalize after the death of another cat might be mourning the loss.
Depressed Cat Food
A cat who has lost interest in food might be blue.

It’s human to feel down, blue or even depressed sometimes. Believe it or not, your cat can feel this way, too. Behaviorists first recognized depression in cats in the 1990s.

"Cat depression is an abnormal behavior in which the cat shows a change in activity, change in vocalization and usually a decrease in appetite,” says veterinary behaviorist Katherine Houpt, director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, N.Y. "Depression in cats is not very common, or at least it isn’t recognized as a quiet, less active cat doesn’t bother the owner.”

Cats can become depressed after a major disruption in their lives, such as moving, adding or losing a family member, or having their owner’s schedule change. The most common cause of depression in cats is the loss of a friend.

If you think your cat may be depressed, go through our Cat Depression Checklist:

1) Cats normally sleep a lot, but you will notice if your cat’s activity level decreases, he lacks energy or seems to be asleep all the time. Does your cat sleep more than usual?
Yes No

2) Has your normally friendly and outgoing cat started to hide under beds, cower in corners and generally avoid interacting with her family and companions?
Yes No

3) Does your cat seem less interested in his daily meals and fail to empty his food dish as he used to?
Yes No

4) Has your cat stopped grooming herself?
Yes No

5) Has your cat started spraying or stopped using his litter box properly?
Yes No

6) Is your cat more aggressive, exhibiting uncharacteristic biting, scratching or hissing behaviors?
Yes No

7) Excessive vocalization often occurs when a cat loses a close companion, whether it’s another cat, dog or person. The cat will roam around the house meowing, as if trying to find her missing buddy. Does your cat cry or meow more than normal?
Yes No

All of these symptoms could indicate that your cat is depressed or has a medical condition, so it’s important to take your cat to your veterinarian for a thorough checkup. If the vet gives your cat a clean bill of health, then discuss the possibility of depression and what you can do about it.

"Generally, we think that depression is associated with a poor immune system,” says Houpt. Because a distressed immune system can leave your cat susceptible to other illnesses, try to alleviate his depression as soon as possible.

If your cat displays any of the behaviors on our checklist, don’t worry. Talk it over with your veterinarian and make an effort to give your feline friend some extra love and attention. Petting, grooming, playing with and talking to your cat will help her feel loved.

Remember, your cat depends on you for both her physical and emotional care.

Helen Jablonski is a feline behavior consultant and freelance writer in Malvern, Ohio.  She shares her life with her fiancé and their eight cats.

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Sad Cat Is Sad

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Reader Comments

Mary    Sydney, NS

6/27/2015 2:26:18 AM

Good !

Hannah    International

6/22/2015 10:24:27 PM

My 1 cat gave birth to one kitten but it died right away. For the first two days she was always slepping, but after that she seemed fine till her sister had her kittens now she is hissing and hiding. She hasn't scratched me yet but she did attack her sister. I don't know what to do, I have been giving her more attention but it don't seem to help any

Martie    Little Rock, AR

6/16/2015 9:12:06 PM

Thank you for providing the checklist. My cat is seriously depressed. Has URI and UTI, and pulling fur out. Loss of a human family member. Began roaming and looking in rooms she associated with "brother's" activities. Hides in placed she cannot be found.
My great vet is treating the infections, which he attributed to "stress". I will keep trying to engage her in play. She already sleeps on my chest and lays in my lap when I sit down. Just doesn't want to expend much energy.

myka    lake Charles, LA

5/31/2015 5:47:06 PM

My cat, Smoky, had three kittens who all died 5 weeks after they were born and within 3 days of each other. Two of the kittens died on the same day and the last one died two days later. She has reached the point where I have to be home or she cries until the next day, it breaks my heart but school is going to start soon and I don't want her to be upset anymore what should I do? I don't want my baby to be sad!

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