Salute Colonel Meow

Meet the furry, fierce, frowny cat who's taking the internet by storm.

By Anastasia Thrift

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Colonel Meow
Colonel Meow tolerating being held.
Colonel Meow
Sporting his crowning glory: Record-breakingly long fur.
Himalayan and Persian mixed-breed cat Colonel Meow debuted on Facebook in early 2012 with an acerbic viewpoint and wild mane. He amassed several "minions," eager fans, and keeps talking about having them do his bidding. So far, however, only fellow housemate Boots the Dog really seems to take orders.

Colonel Meow recently broke the Guinness World Record for longest cat fur. It was a thrilling victory and made us revisit an interview with the famed cat, below. This big gray kitty's charm terrorizing power might convert you to a newly minted minion.

See Colonel Meow in action in this video >>

We hear that Colonel Meow was found on the side of a road in Washington at a young age. What was the rescue and rehabilitation process like?

It was a cold dark stormy night ... all I saw was black. Large metallic machines were whizzing all around. We were surrounded. I passed out from the exhaustion and awoke in a kill shelter.  I had almost given up hope ... but then a beacon of light known as the Persian and Himalayan Society came into my life. From there I was taken by an angel named Anne Marie Avey. She has given me treaties, scotch and the power to rule over a dog named Boots. With this reign I've gained confidence and have naturally taken over the internet. It is only a matter of time before vengeance is mine.

When and how did Colonel discover the strengths of staring and frowning?
I've been using Jedi mind tricks for years. In fact, I believe you've been wanting to give me treaties since you've started reading this ... I take salmon flavor.

What would Colonel would care to say to the minions?
Minions, you have delighted me so much. I will be watching you. And you will be uncomfortable because of it.

Get more Colonel Meow on his website >>
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Reader Comments

Kallie    Lebanon, PA

2/2/2014 6:15:07 AM

I've been following Colonel Meow for a little over a year now. I cried when I read he passed. He will be missed by the entire cat loving world.
Thanks for sharing this incredible being with us Minions!

Alexandra    OK, OK

1/31/2014 7:48:25 PM

Wez will miz youz Col. Meow. Wez noze youz in a far better playz now, and wez happy yuz nawt in payn anymore. Lubz and Hugz, Kitty kissez and Purrrrrrrs, Youz furiends, Lexi and Dezi ob Alexandra and Furiends

Tia    Decatur, GA

1/31/2014 4:08:06 PM

He was Pawsome and will be missed sorely! Thanks for sharing him with us!

coni    winfield, MO

1/30/2014 10:18:01 PM

I fell in love with Colonel Meow months ago. I feel your pain. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful being. Now he is an Angel kitty, with you always.

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