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See what's new with cats in the world of entertainment.

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Maine Coon Cat with Outstretched Paw
Cats make waves in the world of TV, movies, magazines and the internet every day. Keep up with cat entertainment news with our blog The Cat Factor. We'll watch out for pets in the media so you don't have to. I mean, you might have to sit through some dog stuff, and we wouldn't want you to deal with that.

Mayim Bialik Wants You to #meowOUT Yourself as a Cat Person
PetSmart Charities has tapped the star of The Big Bang Theory, Blossom (and don't forget Beaches) to show how cat people span a wide range of personalities that a single stereotype can't hold.

Meet the Acro-Cats!
See the Amazing Acro-Cats, a traveling troupe who perform feats of feline agility and rock out.

Cat Supergroup Forms to Support Shelters for the Holidays
Friskies assembles internet cat superstar team for a holiday music video that benefits cat shelters.

Video Roundup: Cat on Cat Attitude
Cats can be jerks to people, knocking everything off the counter or waking them up in the middle of the night, but they also turn it on fellow felines. See how.

Cat Video Roundup: Cat Ladies
Are you breaking (or bolstering) these cat lady stereotypes? Watch Charlize Theron and others as crazy cat ladies in our video roundup.

Cat Video Roundup: Movie Edition
Inspired by the Oscars, we showcase movie-themed cat videos, including an amazing Amadeus parody by Jimmy Kimmel.

Cat Video Roundup: Cat Sideways Hop Edition
Watch cats make characteristic hops to the side in these hilarious videos.

Cat Video Roundup: Spring Cleaning with Cats Edition
Watch fastidious kitties get to work tidying the home (instead of destroying it ... for once).

Cat Viral Video Stars Animated
"Cat Animation — The Stars of YouTube" turns clips of everyone's favorite online cats into a dreamy cartoon.

Cat Videos: High-Fives
Watch cats give props with high-fives, feline style.

Cat Who Battles Mail Carrier Wins Video Contest
The mail carrier who caught a letter-fighting cat on camera took home the top prize from "America's Funniest Home Videos."

Cat Video Roundup: Commercial Edition
Watch clever (or questionable) commercials with cats from 2014.

Video: Music Therapy Cat
A music studio's resident cat provides a calming presence, feline-style.

Cats Help Workplace
See how one company's office cats help keep people productive, happy and head-butted, and hear the pros and cons of cats at work.

Grumpy Cat Wins at "The Friskies"
Grumpy Cat gets happy news from Michael Ian Black and Angela Kinsey at the cat video awards show.

Watch "The Friskies” Cat Video Show Live!
See the live stream of the 2nd annual internet cat video awards show from New York City with host comedian Michael Ian Black.

Cat Names of the Year
From simple monikers like "Kitty" to puns on pulchritude like "The Great Fatsby," pet parents chose great cat names this year.

Katy Perry + Cats + Popchips = Amazing Video
Popchips partners Katy Perry with cats in an adventurous ad.

Finding The Best Cat Video
"The Friskies" returns for a second year, with all the quirky, playful and funny cat videos you’d expect from a cat video contest.

What Do Cats' Meows Mean?
Cats meow for many reasons. Researchers say you don't know any of them.

Internet Cat Video Film Festival Returns
Grumpy Cat, Henri Le Chat Noir, Lil Bub and more cat celebrities are back at the second annual celebration of cat videos!

Algonquin Cat Matilda Celebrates Again!
Happy Birthday, Matilda! The famous Algonquin Hotel cat hosted a fashion event in the elegant lobby of her home.

Fred Willard Stars in Celebrity Dog and Cat Contest
In a takeoff on the movie ‘Best in Show,’ Hollywood fundraiser will benefit Actors and Others for Animals.

Catdance Film Festival Winners
"Ricky," the kitten who just wants a friend, wins this year's cat video festival in Park City, Utah.

Meet Bane Cat
Ever been surprised by a cat who seems to sneak up on you out of nowhere? That's what Bane Cat does. While wearing a full-faced respirator.

Cat-Art-Ify Your Pictures
Make your cat fancy via some artsy Instagram filters, and you could win a limited edition, signed Shepard Fairey cat print.

5 Cats to Watch in 2014
See the coolest cats on TV this year with our roundup of shows like "Lil BUB's Special Special," "Sheriff Callie's Wild West," "My Cat From Hell" and kitty alternatives to the Super Bowl.

Grumpy Cat Sets Sail for Texas
You can get a photo with Grumpy and Friends of Austin Animal Center could get up to 50,000 cans of Friskies cat food at the South by Southwest Festival.

World's Fanciest Cat, Cherry Pop, Gets Documentary
Kareem Tabsch's debut documentary follows the pampered life and story of what might be the very first cat meme.

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