CAT FANCY Online Exclusives 2013

Take a look at CAT FANCY back issues with cat videos, kitten pictures and more.

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September 2013
CAT FANCY September 2013

Top 5 Cat Behavior Tips

Some cat communication involves ripping up your couch or spraying on your wall. Help redirect that behavior with these expert tips, to hear from your cat but also save your furniture (and sanity). More>>

August 2013
CAT FANCY August 2013

Give-Away: Boredom Busters for Cats

Get a free download of interactive cat games by signing up for our bi-weekly newsletter. You'll get a new chapter every three months to help engage your cat in play and bonding! More>>

Help for Hairballs

Hacking cats are no match for our expert advice on ingested hair. See the Top 5 hairball questions answered here! More>>

July 2013
CAT FANCY July 2013

June 2013
CAT FANCY June 2013

Henri le Chat Noir Videos

After reading our interview with cat video creator Will Braden, watch his muse Henri in "action" with these first three films in his series. More>>

May 2013
CAT FANCY May 2013

Cat Pictures: Cats Near and Far

Have you seen cats during your travels? Upload their photos here! Check out other pictures from CAT FANCY readers, and see where our writers have viewed foreign felines. More>>

Backstage at the San Diego Zoo

Get close up with big cats in this photo gallery by CAT FANCY editor Susan Logan from her recent visit to the San Diego Zoo's Cool Cat's program. More>>

April 2013
CAT FANCY April 2013

All About Kittens!

Check out our kittens section, for everything you ever wanted to know about kitten health, kitten behavior, kitten socialization and spay/neuter for your kitten. Move>>

March 2013
CAT FANCY March 2013

February 2013
CAT FANCY February 2013
Arrow Cat Pictures: Big Cats of Kenya
See what CAT FANCY and CatChannel columnist Steve Dale found on his journey to Africa. More>>
Arrow Catch Up With "The Dalai Lama's Cat" Author
Hear David Michie's story of writing his novel about a Himalayan kitten. More>> 
Arrow Quiz: Cat Sleep
Cats and kittens love to sleep. See how you can give them a proper night's (or day's) rest. More>>

January 2013
CAT FANCY January 2013
Arrow Cat Pictures: Feral Cats of Istanbul
See what CAT FANCY and CatChannel veterinary expert Arnold Plotnick found on his journey to Turkey. More>>
Arrow Catch Up With "The Cat Lady Chronicles" Author
Hear Diane Lovejoy's inspiration for rescuing cats. More>> 
Arrow Quiz: Is Your Cat Lonely?
See if your cat shows the signs below, and test your knowledge about how to make your cat or kitten feel less lonely. More>>
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