3 Cat Butt Health Questions

If your cat clearly has butt issues, one of these three cat health concerns might be to blame.

By Julie Mignery | Posted: August 26, 2015, 8 a.m. EST

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Why does my cat after she leaves her litterbox start dragging her butt on anything she can find? Sometimes there’s poop or a little blood on whatever she drags it on. --
Susan Tussing

Causes might include:

In addition to causing butt itchiness, worms — tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms — can lead to digestive issues, dehydration and anemia in your cat and problems for you as well.  Your vet can tell you which type of worm your cat has (if she does have them) and prescribe a treatment protocol. To limit your cat’s chances of infestation:
•    Keep her inside. Cats can get worms by ingesting an infected animal or licking her paws after walking across soil where infected animals have defecated.
•    Be vigilant about flea prevention. Fleas can have tapeworms, and if your cat ingests them she can get infected, too.

Your cat, especially if she has long hair, might not have as clean a behind as she would like.
•    Check out her poop. If it’s runny she may have a health issue or need a diet change. If she’s not pooping regularly she could be constipated. Both conditions are irritating.
•    Consider her physical condition. If she’s overweight or arthritic from old age she might be having trouble tending to her backside. You can help by cleaning the area with warm water or giving the hair back there a trim.

Cats have anal glands that are filled with fluid to help them mark their territory. It’s usually released during normal litter box visits, but the glands can get impacted. Your vet can take care of it.

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3 Cat Butt Health Questions

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Reader Comments

Bryan    Far Rockaway, NY

9/5/2015 4:15:18 PM

Sorry for that typo. It was supposed to be "having a cat killed..."

Bryan    Far Rockaway, NY

9/5/2015 4:12:35 PM

Hey Nick I would take your cat to the vet at your earliest possible convenience. It sounds to me like this is not all that serious but I think it would give you some piece of mind. Also cats cats exhibit behaviors we still do not understand.

Bryan    Far Rockaway, NY

9/5/2015 4:07:13 PM

As usual your articles are very in depth and I pay close and strict attention to them> Especially when you talk about cat health.
And there's one important point that you mention which I do all the time, and that is I do not let my cats out at all. I went through that experience of having a car killed by a car, and I vowed that would never happen again.
But after that happened, my girlfriend and I went an animal hospital and saw these adorable 8 week old brother and sister kittens she had seen online. The minute I saw them I said they coming home with me! And now they're 5.
And I found it's better when you have at least two because they can grow up together and play with each other and you don't necessarily have to buy a lot of toys.

Nick    International

9/2/2015 11:06:06 AM

My cat will use the litter box, and I think he relieved himself, but then 5 min. later I see him trying to do it again, and most of the time succeeding, except it's not in the L-Box, I'm talking #2. I keep sales flyers handy in case of Hair-balls to catch it on when I hear the retching sound. But this is Quiet. Now unlike a lot of people his L-Box is cleaned out right after use. He is getting old, could this be the cause ?

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