Cat FAQs

Get answers to common cat health and cat care questions all in one place from Cat Fancy contributors and editors.

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Cat FAQs
Cats do curious things. Find out why.
Baffled by your cat? Confounded by your feline friend? At your wit's end with your kitten?

Have no fear. Our Cat Fancy contributors and editors are here to answer your most common questions all in one place.

Peruse our useful roster of questions or send in your own. Click here and select Ask CAT FANCY to reach out to us with your cat query!

What's Up With Cat Butt-Sniffs?
Let's be blunt for a minute: your cats sniff each other's butts all the time and you want to know why. We investigate.

Why Does My Cat Bring Me 'Gifts?'
If you wonder why your cat insists on bringing kills to your door -- or, worse, your bed -- hear the warmhearted reason behind it.

Does My Cat Drink Water Weirdly?
If your cat dips her paw into the water dish, she's acting normally; in fact, she's pretty much committing to the role of cat.

4 Ways to Slow Down Cats Who Eat Too Fast
Find out how to chill out cats who eat so fast they make themselves sick.

Cats in Litterboxes: Why Hang Out There?
Have you caught your cat napping or lying in the litterbox? We try to find out what's going on.

Can My Cat's Ear Mites Spread?
Find out whether ear mites on cats can infect people.

Why Do Cats Eat Vomit?
It's double the gross: first your cat upchucks, then your cat eats it. Why?

Cats and Bathwater
Does your cat take a drink from your bath? We share four reasons why kitty might like your bath.

Why Do Cats Suckle?
See why your cat might display this odd behavior (and how it's actually a sign you've bonded).

Why Cats Scoot
It's weird, it's gross and it's totally common. Hear why your cat will scoot across the floor.

Why Do Cats Heat-Butt or Head-Bonk?
However you put it, sometimes cats slam their heads into you or other pets. What's up with that?

6 Reasons Why Cats Cry
Have a chatty cat? Hear what those meows might mean.

Should I Declaw My Cat?
We give you five good reasons to rethink ever considering cat declaw surgery.

Cat: Scratch This, Not That
These six tips can help you redirect your cat's scratching to a spot that's not your furniture.

Catnip: What's the Deal?
Hear seven facts about catnip and find out why your cat might (or might not) go nuts for it.

Can I Put Cats in Costumes?
Dogs can wear cute outfits. Can I dress up my cat?

Should Cats Stay Indoors?
Find out whether staying inside all day is really good for your cat.

4 Tips to Introducing Cats
See the best way to get cats to meet each other.

5 Tips to Litterbox Success
Follow these quick tips to get your cat and litterbox to be friends.

Should I Spay or Neuter My Cat?
People still wonder whether to fix their cats. We lay out the facts here that weigh in favor of a good decision.

Can Cats Have Milk?
We look into whether milk is safe for cats to drink.

Which Is Best: Dry Cat Food or Canned Cat Food?
Weigh the pros and cons on the best food for your cat.

Can I Stop My Cat From Biting?
My cat is biting me. What's the deal? We get clarity on cat bites.

Bathing Cats: Should You Do It? And How?
People often ask: Should I bathe my cat? How do I bathe my cat? We answer.

Hypoallergenic Cats
Can cats be hypoallergenic? Are there hypoallergenic cat breeds? We answer your questions.

Cat Questions - Can Cats Mate With Rabbits?
Learn why cats and rabbits, two different species from two different orders, cannot produce offspring.

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