Senior Cat Senility Signs

Listen for this one sign your older cat might be growing a bit senile?

By Julie Mignery | Posted: April 28, 2015, 2 p.m. EST

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Loud Senile Cats
I have a senior cat that will sit in the kitchen and cry. She will be 23 in October. She’s always been a talker, but now it’s constant. She is so loud that we can hear her when we’re upstairs and in the middle of the night, well, it’s a pain in the butt. She does not appear to be in pain and her eyes are still a bright, beautiful green. She eats, drinks and goes potty like a healthy cat. Is she just going senile? Debbie Poling Croff

You might have answered your own question with your final sentence. Cats tend to get chattier with age, and senility can be one of the causes. She may be getting disoriented when she’s downstairs in the dark by herself. Consider leaving a light on for her. Maybe your cat would like this nightlight.

Because you say your cat’s meowing is constant, however, she should visit her vet. Kidney and thyroid issues are more common in senior cats and crying is a symptom for both conditions.

Use positive reinforcement — petting, brushing, soothing words of praise, presentation of a favorite toy or treat — when your girl is quiet. Ignore her when she’s loud (as long as you know she’s not trapped in a room, hungry or thirsty, or just lonely for company).
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Senior Cat Senility Signs

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Reader Comments

Cheryl    Yucaipa, CA

4/30/2015 1:45:43 PM

My 19 year old cat does the same thing

Barbara    Ware, MA

4/30/2015 4:17:24 AM

My cat has kidney disease My vet gave me azodyl and renavast. This works wonders. His levels are back to normal.Great product!!

Jossie Hernandez    International

4/29/2015 10:35:55 PM

my 16 yrs old male cat named Bob started to be more laud every time he "talked", his eyes were bright, everything was fine in the littler box, and he looked very healthy BUT suddenly he drop a few pounds in days, we ran with our vets and after some blood and urine test we were shocked... kidney failure. please take your kitty to the vet, there is always a reason for some changes in their behavior. Bob is "ok" now with medicines and special food, but there is no cure for that :(

Nora    Naperville, IL

4/29/2015 12:20:14 PM

My fifteen year old, Rosalind, was always very quiet. After being a two cat household for more than ten years we became a four cat household. Now she meows loudly whenever she wants to play. I was worried at first, but it is clearly connected to a desire to play. I think with the extra cats in the house she decided she needed to be clearer about what she wanted from us.

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