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Hear the latest on cat care advances with CAT FANCY's monthly column on health news for cats.

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Get the latest information on cat health from the pages of CAT FANCY magazine. Hear cat vaccine updates, surgical advances for cat care and other information vital to a healthy kitty. CAT FANCY's veterinary experts share the news that matters most to cat parents.

Your Cat Has Cancer. Now What?
Ask your vet these 5 questions after your cat gets a cancer diagnosis.

Battle This Cat Cancer
What precautions can pet parents take to prevent vaccine site sarcomas in cats?

Cat Cancer Advances
Vets now have the greatest tools to help cats face cancer diagnoses.

Can Cats Be Treated for Cancer?
Despite the presence of cat cancer treatments for 50 years, some pet parents are unaware of whether their cat can get help.

Cat Health News: Apps for Cat Care
Your smartphone helps cat health. Hear how in CAT FANCY's monthly cat health news column.

Cat Health News: New Owner Care Guidelines and Flea Control
Find out what cat owners must do to care for cats, per recently updated guidelines, and how new flea control can protect your pet from parasites.

Cat Health News: Stem Cell Therapy
CAT FANCY covers the latest in cat health news, including advances in stem cell therapy for felines.

Cat Health News: Cancer from Vaccines
A feline vet dishes on the evidence between cat vaccines and sarcomas.

Top 10 Cat Vet Visit Reasons
Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. released a list of the most common causes for cat vet visits in 2013.

Top 10 Cat Vet Visit Reasons
See what topped the list as the most common cause of trips to your cat's veterinarian.

Vets Outraged at TV Report
A segment of ABC’s "20/20” program titled "Is Your Veterinarian Being Honest With You?” caused uproar in the veterinary community.

5 Tips for Healthy Cat Teeth
It's Pet Dental Health Month! See how to give your cat the healthiest smile possible.

Cat Breast Cancer: Aggressive Unless Detected Early
See which cats are most susceptible to mammary tumors and how to help such sick cats.

Cats Get Allergies, Too
Summer means allergy unhappiness for many, including cats. Vets say test your cat for allergies instead of waiting until your pet has an unexpected allergic reaction.

Brush Your Cat's Teeth! See How in This Video
You can do it — cat tooth-brushing, that is.

Cat FIP Update
See how researchers are helping to end the debilitating cat disease feline infectious peritonitis, or FIP.

Cats Hide Unhealthy Secret
See why kitty might be sicker than you suspect.

New Cat Pain Drug
Post-surgery daily pain med for cats approved for the public.

Essential Oils: Not Essential to Your Cat
See why cats and essential oils could be a bad mix, and what to do if your cat accidentally ingests these toxins.

Cat Vaccinations: Don't Skip, Say Vets
Rabies, distemper, etc. are fading but could return if the anti-vaccination movement making headlines in humans hits cats and dogs, says AVMA.

Top 10 Cat Vet Costs
See why new cat parents often pay $1,300 at the vet and how much more we spend on vets than we used to.

Cat Vet Visits: Getting Cheaper
Your next trip to the cat vet might be cheaper than in the past.

Chronic Pain Relief for Cats
Short-term cat pain drugs have had approval but long-term pain has remained pharmaceutically untreated in cats -- until now.

Cats Sickened, Killed by Human Pain Relief Cream
New reports of cat deaths remind us to never share meds with pets.

New Cat Chronic Kidney Disease Test
Study might lead to early diagnosis of feline kidney disease.

Declawing Cats: Is It Ever OK?
A recent post by a popular health website says declawing cats is all right in some situations.

5 Most Common Cat Health Problems
Prepare for and prevent these top cat illnesses, as reported by a pet health insurance company.

Hope for Lethal Cat Disease
FIP has meant death sentences for many cats. Now there's hope for this diagnosis.

Cats and the Dangers of Second- (and Third-) Hand Smoke
We know how smoking hurts people but vets also see dramatic health risks to cats exposed to second- and third-hand smoke.

Medical Marijuana for Cats
Would you give your cat pot treats?

Is Your Cat Vet the Best?
Nominate your cat's vet for the best in the country in a new AVMF contest.

Prevent Cat Poisoning at Home
Each Pet Poison Prevention week, we remember that even in the safety or our cats' homes EVIL TOXINS LURK EVERYWHERE.

Cat Spay and Neuter FAQ
Get answers to common questions about lifesaving spay and neuter surgery for cats.

Cat Eyelid Surgery a Success
Two months after surgery, Billie the cat’s eyelids are taking shape.

Tips to Avoid Tainted Cat Food
A veterinary specialist gives advice on how to keep your cat safe during pet food recalls.

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day!
See reasons why your cat should get to the vet STAT, and how to make the trip better.

1 in 250 Cats Are Diabetic, Pet Health Advocates Say
Abbott, Merck, Purina team up on diabetes campaign for cats and dogs.

What Cat Vets Wish You Knew About Chronic Kidney Disease
See five things vets hate most about cat kidney disease, and how cat parents can avoid them.

Dog and Cat Food Recalled
Listeria bacteria found in a pet food sample leads to a voluntary recall.

Chagas Disease in Cats
"Kissing Bug” carries protozoan that causes Chagas disease in cats and humans.

Ebola Risk to Cats Downplayed
Vets and public health officials want to remind pet parents that cats, dogs and other pets have not been shown to transmit ebola.

Grants Given for Cat Health Research
Medical grants totaling $173,121 were awarded to researchers studying feline disease.

Cat Health 2014
Find out what's ailing our cats, and where the most ill cats live.

How to Make a Lil BUB
Scientists want to sequence the genes of captivating cat Lil BUB and you can help.

Fight Cat Cancer with Your Feet
Cancer-fighting virtual Pet Walk set for Jun. 22.

8 Tips to Brush Your Cat's Teeth
It's Pet Dental Health Month! Find out how to make cat tooth care easy with these tips.

New Cat Hereditary Insurance Coverage
Pets Best extends cat health insurance to include hereditary conditions.

TV News Report Upsets Vets
‘America’s Vet’ quits as a CBS correspondent after ‘20/20’ reports veterinarians can’t be trusted.

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