Declawing Cats: Is It Ever OK?

A recent post by a popular health website says declawing cats is all right in some situations.

By Cat Fancy Editors | Posted: February 20, 2014, 10 a.m. EST

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Is It OK to Declaw Cats?
Recently, a popular health website posted a story about the pros and cons of declawing cats. A vet offers a description of cosmetic declawing, which leaves cats' toe pads intact, and simple surgical declawing, which uses a guillotine-like tool to remove cat claws along with a piece of the toe bone.

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The vet also said there were good reasons to declaw cats: to remove a tumor on the toe, to stop cat scratches from harming owners or, mainly, to curb social issues. The vet described the social issues as cats "being destructive and tearing up furniture."

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The American Veterinary Association's stance on declawing cats is to use it only as a last resort. They released a statement and a video to fully explain the cat declaw surgery, to show its severity and potential to harm cats.

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Other cat advocates to speak out against cat declawing include Jackson Galaxy, the "My Cat From Hell" host and cat behavior expert. Galaxy recently led a Google+ Hangout on the topic, and frequently discusses problematic and painful consequences for cats who are declawed.

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Additionally, many cat supporters would like to rename the procedure "cat de-toeing," to more fully explain what the surgery achieves.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Is there a time and place for cat declawing? Should it be renamed or done away with?
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Declawing Cats: Is It Ever OK?

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Reader Comments

Mary    Phoenix, AZ

4/15/2014 4:37:38 PM

I have an extremely skittish cat. She hates being handled and is terribly fearful of riding in a car. In fact, her "car sickness" was from both ends and only got worse each time I took her to have her claws trimmed. My granddaughter was working as a vet tech at the time so she came over to clip them here at home. This cat literally screamed when we were trying to clip her nails. (No, they were not cut too short. Ever.) My vet said that he seldom recommends declawing but for this cat he said it would be far kinder than to continue to traumatize her.

Jean    Palmer, AK

4/7/2014 11:54:53 AM

Never, never declaw. All you need to do is watch one of those operations at the veternarian's to know how dreadful it is. After the cat is under anaesthesia, something like pruning shears are used to cut the end of the toe off. Crunch, crunch. It's gross and I don't think there is any excuse for it. People who don't know how to keep their cats off the furniture and curtains should give up and get a dog. :)

kitkat    Raleigh, NC

4/1/2014 1:51:02 PM

Cat's shouldn't b declawed, what if people got declawed ? Don't think thry would
B too happy about that. I think just cutting their nails down would suffice .

Hailey    Knoxville, TN

3/29/2014 8:21:09 AM


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