Cat Sitter Confessions

Come along with our intrepid pet-sitter as she uncovers the secret lives of the cats she watches.

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Maine Coon Cat with Outstretched Paw
Ever wonder what life is like for the cat next door, the one you see in the window on your drive home through your neighborhood or the cat you hear mewling from across the fence? Our cat-sitting professional can give you the scoop. Hear her tales of cat habits and quirks, foibles and successes. See what life is like for cats outside your home, and whether cats can teach us a thing or two.

6 Ways Cats Grace Stationery
Say it with cats. Write a note on one of these cat-themed stationery sheets.

7 Pro-Cat Podcasts
Multitask by learning more about cats through your earbuds while you go about your day.

Happy Hairball Awareness Day
You really can celebrate if you follow these three tips to prevent hairballs in cats.

Kitten Must-Haves Vs. Don't-Needs
See what you need, and what you can do without, when you get a kitten.

Cat Fashion: 2014 Spring Roundup
Happy Spring! Our cat blogger picks a fresh bouquet of cat fashions for the new season.

3 Reasons Pet Sitters Get a Week of Celebration
National Pet Sitters Week takes place Mar. 2-8. Why a whole week? Our cat-sitting blogger takes a guess.

Cat App Aptitude
There's an app for cat. See which one is best for your fun furry friend.

8 Cat-Sitter Tips for Your Next Trip
While you're away, your cats will play — with your cat sitter. Make their visits beneficial for both!

Cat Relationships: It's Complicated
Cats build special bonds with their fellow felines and with the people who love them.

Fall Cat Fashion Roundup
Our cat blogger dreams up her perfect cat outfit.

Betrayal Trail
Our cat-sitting blogger hates having to lure a cat to take medication and break their bond of trust.

Lucky Life
Cats can teach us to live in the moment and trust fate, as our cat-sitting blogger finds out.

Tidy Cat
How does cat toilet-training work? Our pet-sitting blogger finds out.

Guard Cat
Our cat-sitting blogger keeps her eye peeled for cats in the neighborhood and notices the cats are looking back.

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