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Janiss Garza blogs about how cats might see the world by observing her cats Boodie, Binga and Sparkle.

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Cats Eye View Blog by Janiss Garza
Ever wondered how cats view the world? Janiss Garza has. Hear her speculations in this blog about her cats Sparkle, Binga and Boodie. 

Go on vet visits with these cats, find out if either are Janiss' "Soul Cat" and discover whether these cats are best of friends or worst of enemies (or both).

Want more of Sparkle and crew? Check out the Sparkle the Designer Cat blog. See great cat pictures and amazing feline insight in this blog straight from the cat's mouth.

Five of the Biggest Cat Show Misconceptions
If you think cat shows are all snooty and stressed-out pedigreed pets (and, maybe, people) this list might clear up some notions that are blocking you from having fun at a nearby cat show.

Limitless Cats
Cats have more potential than we humans give them credit for most of the time.

It's Official ... My Cat Is Weird!
The word for "special" can be code for "weird," and some special cats confirm this. Does yours?

Driving Miss Kitty, and Doing It Safely
Know the rules of the road for traveling with cats? See 7 tips for driving cats in cars here.

Cats, like many other intelligent creatures, learn a lot by observation and imitation.

Positive Cat Stress
Good stress challenges and inspires us, ultimately making us feel good. It can work for your cat the same way.

Why I Dress Up My Cat for the Holidays — and You Shouldn't
Cat outfits are a bad idea for at least 95% of the cat population but some rare felines don't mind them at all.

Best City for Cat Ladies? Your Town!
Most female cat fans we know are social, happy and often in relationships, so what is up with the tired cliché of cat lovers being single, lonely women?

Toy Cats Can't Replace Real Ones
A robot cat can't make the same connection with people as a living, breathing creature can.

No Cucumbers for My Cats
Is it really that fun to scare your cat?

When Cats Actually Do Want to Kill You
You might be able to think of a couple of reasons why your cat would want to seriously murder you. Here are five examples.

Do Cat Haters Really Dislike Cats, or Is It a Lack of Understanding?
Some people who claim not to like cats might be expecting to interact with slightly smaller, long-tailed dogs.

My Cat Is Not a Picky Eater
A new report explains why cats are picky eaters. But it doesn't explain why Summer isn't.

Asking Big Questions on National Feral Cat Day
Can feral cats be saved? Let's think about their role in our lives, how we can help them and how they help us.

Cat Shows for Regular Cats Put Mix-Breeds in the Spotlight
The Household Pets division at cat shows is a great place to celebrate everyday cats. Would you put your cat in the ring?

Cats Really Do Communicate With People (as if You Didn't Know)
New studies discuss the body language of cats, the ear-pinning, the tail-twitching and all the other movements cat people have deciphered for decades.

Happy Cat Month ... From a Cat's Perspective
Want to know what could really make this Cat Month happy (according to your cats)? Here are five suggestions.

Do Cats Misbehave on Purpose?
Cats behaving badly: sometimes it's on purpose, sometimes it's simply a misunderstanding.

A Cat's Fragile Temperament ... And Her Person's
Will unpleasant encounters make cats less sociable? Maybe pet parents are more sensitive to this than their cats.

Can You Read a Cat's Mind?
Cats are mysterious to many people, which bothers them. Do we even need to analyze cats?

This Sterotype Might Hurt Cats Most of All
The Crazy Cat Lady myth persists and could prevent people from adopting cats.

Cat Travels by Car, Train, Plane and Now by Boat
Summer the cat was going to see the vast expanse of water out the window and know she was not on land. How would she respond?

Put in Time with Cats
Most cat behavior concerns, aka "My Cat From Hell" cases, come from a lack of interaction.

Cat Fourth of July
How did you calm your cats during the recent July 4th celebrations?

Cat Relationship Built on Trust
How can you have a cat who is comfortable with new situations? It's a matter of trust.

A Reluctant Cat Lady at CatCon
CatConLA put us up close and personal with cat couture. Do you partake, or display your cat fandom differently?

Cat's Biggest Adventure Yet
Summer the cat traveled to BlogPaws, where she toured the exibition hall, participated in a costume contest and met about 100 other animals.

Biggest Cat Traveling Worry
The cat carrier is a safeguard, sure -- but what about the things that could happen to cats inside?

Talking to Cats
Cat communication is so nuanced and subtle, and it's fascinating to watch.

Unusual Cat Bonding
Our routines with our cats create unique opportunities for quality time.

My Cat's Not-So-Sweet Side
Think kitty's sweet? Try living with her for a week.

7 Ways I Annoy My Cats
See the seven habits of highly annoying human characteristics to cats.

The Traveling Cat Returns
What do other cats think of the cat who returns from exotic lands (AKA nearby road trips)?

Show Cat Temperament
Does nature or nurture make a socialized show cat? Maybe a bit of both.

Drugs Are NOT Cat Treats
Cats can mistake pills for pet treats, so know what to do.

Vacation Cat
Are some cats more open to travel and adventure? Summer certainly is.

Cats: Your Real Best Friends
Cats in our homes grow close to us, and build bonds deeper than some superficial friendships.

Flying Cat
How did an energetic, outgoing cat's first airplane ride go? We find out.

Buying a Cat Harness
Thinking of walking your cat on a leash? Check out these tips on how to buy a cat harness.

Exceptional Cats
We see remarkable cats every day. They're in our own homes.

5 Myths About Cat-Walking
Walking cats on a harness and lead is possible and fun. It also isn't these five things people sometimes expect.

I Threw a Valentine's Day Party for My Cats
It's less of a Crazy Cat Lady plan than you might expect. Hear the reason for the feline celebration.

What I Really Wished People Asked Me About Cats
Here's what some cat questions really mean -- and some answers that will help your cat.

Raising Courageous Cats
Keeping calm in the face of stress helps reassure your cats and encourage their confidence.

Similar Somalis
Can two cats with seemingly different characteristics somehow surprise us by their similarities?

Kitty Mani Pedi Mayhem
How do you trim your cats' nails? How do they react?

Somali Cats
Meet the Carole Lombard of cats and find out why they're so loved.

Does 'No' Mean 'No' to Cats?
What do our cats hear when we ask them to kindly stop what they're doing?

No Christmas for the Kitties
Did you create a holiday celebration for cats this year?

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