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If you're searching for a star-lit name for your cat, take inspiration from these famous folks' cat names. See the cat breeds and cat names chosen by today's celebrities.

Celebrity Cat Names



Kitty Purry Katy Perry’s Maine Coon mix
Socks Bill Clinton’s American Shorthair
Miles Davis Snoop Dogg’s Siamese
Frank Sinatra Snoop Dogg’s Siamese
Zert   Christina Ricci’s Himalayan
Teeney   Martha Stewart’s Himalayan
Beethoven Martha Stewart’s Himalayan
Playdough Halle Berry’s Tabby Domestic Shorthair
India George W. Bush’s American Shorthair
Apple Howard Stern's Domestic Shorthair
Brangelina Robin Quivers' Cornish Rex
Tasha Jillian Barberie Reynolds' Domestic Longhair
Sensai Antonio Sabato Jr.'s Domestic Shorthair
Hammie Criss Angel's Domestic Shorthair
Mohlee Mackenzie Phillips' Domestic Shorthair
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