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Looking for the perfect name for that new cat? Want to know which cat names are the most popular for top cat mixes or cat breeds? And what do these names mean, anyway? Get some great ideas for naming your cat in’s Cat Names Center.

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Angel Angelic; messenger of God (Greek)   Buddy Friend; brother (English)
Baby Young, often symbolizing innocence or purity; object of affection (Old English)   Jack God is gracious (English)
Bella Beautiful (Latin)   Max The greatest (Latin)
Chloe Blooming (Greek)   Oliver Olive tree, symbolizing beauty, dignity, peace (Latin)
Kitty Pure (Greek)   Oreo A chocolate and vanilla cookie (American)
Lucy Light (Latin)   Shadow Shade from the sun (English)
Misty Dew of nature (English)   Simba Lion (Swahili)
Molly Star of the sea (Irish and Latin)   Smokey Smoke-colored (American)
Princess Royal daughter (Latin)
Tiger Powerful (American)
Sassy Bold, spirited, lively, cheeky, bright (Hebrew)   Tigger Tiger; powerful (Greek)

Celebrity Cat Names



Kitty Purry Katy Perry’s Maine Coon mix
Socks Bill Clinton’s American Shorthair
Beethoven Martha Stewart’s Himalayan
India George W. Bush’s American Shorthair
Playdough Halle Berry’s Tabby Domestic Shorthair
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Top Breeds Names by Breed
American Shorthair   Maine Coon
Bengal   Persian
Black Cats   Ragdoll
Domestic Shorthair   Siamese
Domestic Longhair  



Powerful (American)

Smoke-colored (American)

Shade from the sun (English)

Tiger; powerful (Greek)

A chocolate and vanilla cookie (American)


Angelic; messenger of God (Greek)

Royal daughter (Latin)

The greatest (Latin)

Beautiful (Latin)

Great darkness or gloom (English)

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Reader Comments

Stephanie    Mercer, PA

7/25/2015 11:21:40 AM

I have 2 cats and one kitten. I have a 5 year old calico named Wiley cause I found her while small game hunting under a tree all alone she was only a couple weeks old. I have my female ginger tabby named lily my grandmother got her for me as a present, and I have my kitten Lucy whom I took because a friend of mine was swamped with kittens after the kittens mother stopped taking care of them. All of their names end in y. They are all my good little girls

Becky    International

3/30/2015 12:29:16 AM

I have three cats. Two siblings, Medium haired Tuxedo cats, rescued as 10 week old kittens, originally named Ritz and Tux, I renamed to Callie and Cody. Then, 10 months later, I got a 10 week old Medium haired orange tabby, also male, from a rescue, we named Chase. Chase very much lives up to his name. If he doesn't want to be picked up or held, or if you NEED to catch him for a vet appointment, you have to CHASE him. I like giving animals "people names"

Patricia    Las Vegas, NV

1/13/2015 1:04:55 PM

All my cats are rescue cats. My 1st cat was so small we named her Lilbit. The second cat looked like a raccoon and a cat got together. Being a Ragdoll variety with those looks she was named Ricki. My third cat, a seal point Siamese, came to me as a senior cat and was already named Misti. My last cat came to me with one name and I renamed her. Her first name was Minni and since it held so many bad memories for her I renamed her to Prissi and have had much more success. Not realizing and quite by accident each cat was named already or received a name that consisted of a double "i" spelling. Two "i's" separated by two letters. (L-i-lb-i-t. R-i-ck-i, M-i-st-i, and as well Pr-i-ss-i (who was renamed from M-i-nn-i.) Each name fits the disposition of the cat completely. All my cats are female. So if I was to name another cat to live with us I would get a female and name her Franky.

John    Centennial, CO

1/13/2015 1:04:10 PM

Additional good names come from classical music and opera.
Examples: Sergei; Wolfgang; Tamino; Papageno; Verdi; Johannes; Pamina; Violetta.

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