Dog Chased by Hero Cat Euthanized

Tara the Hero Cat's neighbor had to put down a dog that attacked a toddler, before being scared away by the cat.

By Anastasia Thrift | Posted: May 27, 2014, 3 p.m. EDT

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Tara Hero Cat
Tara the Hero Cat received a lot of media attention.Photo courtesy Trevor Reed
A Labrador-Chow dog mix who attacked a 4-year-old boy before being chased away by a cat, as seen widely in a viral video, has been euthanized.

The 8-month-old dog, Scrappy, was put down on Saturday at the Animal Care Center in Bakersfield, Calif. His owner released Scrappy to Animal Control the day of the attack on the neighbor, according to

The boy's father shared home security footage on YouTube of the cat thwarting the dog's attack. Several websites posted it and the original clip now has more than 21 million views.

News outlets pursued the story and the cat, Tara, rose to fame and soon garnered the title Hero Cat. She was invited to throw out the first pitch at a local minor league baseball game and Cat Fancy contacted the cat's family for a feature in the magazine.

The dog owner's name has not been released. He requested that the dog be put down, after Scrappy was held in quarantine for 10 days after the attack. Animal activists and others petitioned to spare the dog from euthanasia.

The response has been mixed so far. Representatives from the Animal Care Center have received hate mail, blaming the center for putting down the dog. The dog's actions were frightening and could have been worse but those who live with pets understand how much a part of families they become, and know that the decision must have been extremely difficult for the dog's pet parent. Would you have done the same?

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Dog Chased by Hero Cat Euthanized

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Reader Comments

Dee    boston, MA

6/4/2014 7:53:58 AM

Gee I guess people do not bother reading the facts anymore. The dog wasn't allowed to roam, it ESCAPED a fenced yard when a gate was opened to allow a vehicle to leave the premises.
And the boy's mother did not leave her son, the dog was approaching the child again from the other side of the parked van so she attempted to cut him off before he could attack from that direction.
And yes the dog was very aggressive to workers at the shelter who tried to care for him.
Why not concentrate your energies on the thousands of dogs without aggression in desperate need of a loving home but will ultimately be put down. I shed no tear for THIS particular dog

Deb    Youngstown, OH

6/4/2014 6:45:51 AM

The dog definitely had to go. He needed to be put down, as dangerous as he was! Good call, I say.

Helene    International

6/4/2014 3:29:17 AM

I really love cats and thought this was an excellent awareness on cats, but to put the poor dog down is a bit much. In this case the dog guardians need to be brought to book, not the dog.

lisa    flemington, NJ

6/3/2014 7:44:50 PM

very sad the dog deserved a new home where it would get proper training

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