Cat Kicker Arrested

Ohio man arrested for animal abuse after kicking a cat.

By Colleen Supan | Posted: August 15, 2014, 2:30 p.m. EDT

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An 18-year-old East Akron, Ohio man, Tre'vonte Mitchell, was arrested Tuesday after police confronted him about a video on Facebook showing Mitchell kicking a cat several feet in the air.

Kicking Cat
Mitchell in the act of cat abuse. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Mitchell stated to police that he and a friend, Roy Hill, were walking down Buchtel Avenue near the University of Akron when they noticed the cat. According to Mitchell, he didn't actually kick the cat, but rather put his feet underneath his or her body and flung it into the air – as though that wouldn't have hurt the cat. Regardless of whether he kicked or flung the cat, Mitchell has stated that he made a dumb mistake, and feels remorse about it. He also stated that he doesn't know why he did it. The viral video, which was posted on Hill's Facebook page two days after the incident, shows Mitchell and Hill laughing and chuckling afterward.

Police are pretty sure the cat was a stray, and didn't belong to anyone which, of course, doesn't discount the abuse. Akron Police Detectives and law enforcement officers from the Humane Society identified Mitchell and charged him with abuse. For the record, he was cooperative with authorities.

Tre'vonte Mitchell's mugshot. Photo courtesy of APD.
Mitchell is to appear in court at 1 p.m. on Friday, August 15. The misdemeanor comes with a penalty of as much as $1,000 or six months in jail. Because Mitchell has no prior record, Akron Police Captain Daniel D. Zampelli doesn't believe he will receive the maximum punishment.

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Cat Kicker Arrested

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Reader Comments

Karen    Vancouver, WA

8/20/2014 10:20:23 PM

Animal abuse leads to child abuse. Not a lot of difference. People like him should be sterilized. Doesn't know why he did it? Can you say idiot!

Jamie    San Francisco, CA

8/20/2014 9:11:29 PM

What a jerk! A real anal orifice, this loser. Commit the crime, do the time! None of this working at a shelter to learn respect, tripe. It never works on these sociopaths, they just resent animals more for being forced to interact with them.
One thing we can ALL do is to loudly demand that the criminal penalties for animal abuse become equivalent to that of child abuse. Then maybe these morons might think twice about kicking some poor, innocent animal.

John    International

8/20/2014 11:07:03 AM

I wonder how this asshole would like me kicking him so hard that he would have to open his mouth to fart. Let's see, he is cruel, a bully and a coward, oh, that's right, he's a piece of human garbage, he is not even as valuable as what that poor cat squeezes out of it's ass. I sure hope he doesn't have children because this type of behaviour usually lends itself to abusing the kids as well. It does not matter if he has been a victim of others before either because treating any living thing this way is always a choice. I sincerely hope the judge bears this in mind if for once this breaches the sentencing swtage in the courtroom. If he owns any pets they should be confiscated immediately, and his family should be thoroughly investigated for vulnerability to this creep, and get the bastard as far away from them as possible. Inform his boss and coworkers immediately, even if you have to appear at his work with a reporter and somebody with a camera. Be loud, public and persistant until his boss relents to the pressure and fires his ass. I wouldn't mind seeing his mug with his name and address smeared all over facebook. I f anyone feels hesitant about sharing his personal info, send it to me and I will just keep posting it until I encounter an even nastier piece of crap than him. I volunteered for the humane society for two years and the SPCA for five and many of my friends and I would take great pleasure in showing this asshole the error of his ways. I am a bit more sensitive to this stuff as my wife and I just adopted an absolutely sweet and beautiful 10 month old mastiff we call Lyla and it is more than obvious to me that the poor girl has been abused too. Like they say at the SPCA; "we speak for those who cannot speak for themselves" and I know damned well, in this forum, plenty of fine people are listening. These bullies are all about elevating their pathetically low self esteem by smashing down all those around them, and they do it with a sense of entitlement whenever they think nobody else is looking, the true essence of a coward. If ever there was an evenly matched standup fight you can bet your ass that a guy like this would never have the balls to stay around. Any time I've confronted people like this they practically bend over backwards, apologizing and kissing my ass to avoid what they so richly deserve. To me, that's just an invitation to kick the crap out of them anyway. As some of us like to say;"He needs a tune up".

Alex    Ottumwa, IA

8/20/2014 10:05:33 AM

Little value of life....... You cannot make a person have empathy or caring.

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