Halo and FreeKibble.com

Hear heartwarming stories of cat rescue, cat adoption and cat charity news with help from the folks at Halo and FreeKibble.com.

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Tabby Kitten Eating
See how cat food company Halo Purely for Pets works with pet food donation site FreeKibble.com/FreeKibbleKat.com to help cats in need. Between pitching in in emergencies to feed homeless cats and finding individual cases of cats in need of care, this partnership provides aid to the cats who need it most.

Bookstore Cats
Meet Blake, the antiquarian bookstore cat.

Cat Adoption: Patience and Belief
Given love and encouragement, an abused cat learns to trust.

Cats for Seniors
Cats make golden companions for people in their golden years.

Feline Cinderella Stories
Rescued cats get a fairytale happy ending thanks to Project Purr.

Life-Changing Love
A special kitten inspires thousands of fans and transforms a college student.

New Kitten on the Block
A tiny, helpless kitten finds an unlikely family.

Cats of Wine Country
Wineries get that much better when cats are around.

Halo Named Official Sponsor of Freekibble.com’s Twitter Page
Shelter cats and dogs to benefit from each new follower.

Freekibblekat.com Partners With Halo
The cat food donation site that helps shelters now has help from a cat food company.

Halo and Freekibble.com Give Cats a Happy New Year
Kibble Drop provide a total of 10 tons of cat food — 160,000 meals for cats — this holiday season.

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