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W*E*L*C*O*M*E Hang around for a while. *** This scrapbook is a "work-in-progress". This site is under continuous on-going development. Pages are still "under-construction", Content is ever evolving and changing daily. It is our hope that you will enjoy seeing its transformation. There is order in the "chaos". We are sorry for the temporary inconvenience "Good things come to those who wait." - Proverb. *** Images are partially sorted by category. New photos are continually added as they are found. Multiple photos are missing text temporarily for now. Tentative "ready to launch" date: by the end of 2012. Friends: You are welcome to use any generic image found here. We greatly appreciate your comments, ideas, suggestions and feedback to improve content material.
We're a relative "newcomer" to CatChannel. Mom's friend from NJ suggested we look at this interesting website. She immediately liked Cat College. the opportunity to learn was the main incentive to join. Chloe became a member on APRIL 21, 2011 She is the 46,986th member on CatChannel. Mom enjoyed reading the nice welcome notes from kitty owners from all over the world. The first 100 votes seemed to take forever but it is understandable, not everyone was aware of "Chloe #25746" in the beginning. The amount of correspondence is dependent on how many felines we contact. Not everyone replies but she reaches out to everyone just the same to say "hello". Chloe's "secretary" makes it a point to check her messages daily so she can VOTE for all her furfriends. At first, she prepared individualized notes based on each of their cat stories. It was manageable because she was dealing with a small group. When the number of replies became too large to keep up, she decided to create "themes" for the week. Mom began thinking of what topics she could cover - day in history, commemorative days, current events, nature, health, poetry, songs, inspirational quotes, ascii/emoticon designs, etc. She gets inspired by comments from furfriends. Mom spends time on "research" then edits the note to keep it a good length, just the right uplifting wprds or interesting informationto to share with others. Our busy schedules and unforseen circumstances prevent us form blogging at times. Then it's all about trying to catch up. Upon her return, mom makes it a priority to reply and vote for everyone who kindly wrote. Here are my suggestions for new members: VOTE daily for the CAT OF THE DAY (COTD) Click on side box VOTE daily for the CAT OF THE MONTH (COTM) VOTE daily for Angel Crossing ANNIVERSARY (Page #63509) VOTE daily for ADOPTIVERSARIES (Page #73341) VOTE daily for BIRTHDAYS (Page #73341) Check the Catpain & Mews Room page #46883 where kitties post their news. The community Directory is page #112364. Mom makes it a point to "welcome" all the new kitties who join. Click on top at CLUB CAT PROFILES then after sending the first message and voting, click on the LEFT ARROW to get you to the rest who have recently joined. The above will get your feet "wet". May your experience meeting and making new furfriends be pleasant and memorable as it has been for mom. We recently celebrated our one year Cat Channel anniversary.

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