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Get the best videos of cats from around the web.

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Cat Videos
Cat Video Roundup: Spring Cleaning with Cats
Cat Videos
Dog and Cat Siblings
Cat Videos
Cat Video Roundup: Movie Edition
Cat Videos
Cat Video Roundup: Cat Commercial Edition
Who doesn't love cat videos? Get great clips here!

American Shorthair Kitten Video at CFA Cat Show
Catch a cute American Shorthair kitten on the judge's table at a Cat Fanciers' Association cat show.

British Shorthair Kitten Video CFA All-Breed Show
Watch kittens being judged at a Cat Fanciers' Association event, as cute cats undergo scrutiny in this video from the show floor.

American Wirehair Kitten
The Midwest TGIF Fanciers presented a CFA All Breed cat show Nov. 5-6 at the Purina Event Center in Missouri. Doug Myers perused the cats of the day, and picked his top 15 favorite kittens.

Japanese Bobtail Kitten Video CFA All-Breed Show
See a Japanese Bobtail ktiten as she impresses a judge at a CFA cat show in this video.

Kitten Video: Burmese
A cute kitten catches a cat show judge's eye and he deems it a shining and adorable example of the breed.

Kitten Video: Cornish Rex
See how a cute kitten charms a judge at Cat Fanciers Association show in the Cornish Rex ring.

Kitten Video: Persian Cat
Watch a show kitten being her feistiest furry self at a Cat Fanciers' Association show.

Pixiebob Cat Slideshow
Get fast facts and see cute pictures of Pixiebob cats.

How To: Make a Cat-Proof Christmas Tree
Cole and Marmalade have a new video on how to build a Christmas tree just for cats.

Internet Cat Video Fest Comes West
The second edition of the cat video showcase hits the west coast on a tour.

Tummy Attacks, According to Your Cat
Cats stretched out on their backs might look like they want to be petted, but when cats expose their bellies they gain quick access to claws and teeth.

TMZ Gets Cat Fancy's Reponse to Hero Cat Story
What happens when Cat Fancy and a hero cat become celebrities? They both wind up on a celebrity gossip website, of course.

Cats Manage Pizza Hut in Japan
Watch what happens when cats run a Japanese Pizza Hut.

Cat Videos and Much More
Celeb cats, food trucks, cat art, rad cat products and, yes, cat videos all offered at LA Feline Film Festival.

Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Y'All
An iconic cat food jingle gets a twangy update from a contemporary country western singer.

Video: Assassin's Creed Kitten
Does your Assassin’s Creed parody have kittens doing parkour? I think not.

Drunk Dudes Love Their Cats
We give you a "no swears" (kind of) introduction to the video of drunk guys confessing their cat fandom. And a link to the NSFW video.

Kittens Magically Appear for Taylor Swift
Watch Taylor Swift dream up multiplying kittens as she sips soda.

Cat Videos: Feline Football League
The Hallmark Channel’s Cat Center brings you football alternatives for Turkey Day.

Video: Kittens Vs. Indiana Bones
Watch kittens thwart a puppy's mission in this Indiana Jones tribute video with pets.

Kitten Bowl II This Sunday
The Big Game for little tiny kittens airs Sunday with major players of the Feline Football League.

Video: Bobcat Kittens, Mom Move Into Historic Texas Fort
A ruin at Texas' Fort Griffin State Historic Site seemed like a good den to one bobcat mother with kittens.

Video: Cat Raises Rabbits
And They Called It Bunny Love. Watch a cat care for a warren of rabbits.

Skateboarding Cat Video Shreds
Didga the cat gleams the cube at the skate park, and even shows other cats how to skateboards.

What Do You Do With Your Cat When No One's Around?
CatConLA is offering two weekend passes in its new cat video contest.

Michelle Obama Lubs Lil BUB
The First Lady of the United States meets interstellar feline ambassador Lil BUB on Lil BUB's Big Show.

Video: Cat Brain Freeze
We recommend you keep ice cream away from cats for health reasons but we hadn't even thought of the worst side effect: brain freeze.

Top 10 YouTube Cats
A decade into the video sharing service's success, we see which cats have won YouTube.

Ballet Cats Celebrate Misty Copeland
Congratulations to Misty Copeland on becoming a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater. Watch cats dance in celebration.

Will Your Cat Celebrate Hug Your Cat Day?
Some cats are specific about where and when they'll accept hugs. This video shows a very particular spot where Marmalade accepts embraces.

Cat Reacts to Giant Whoopee Cushion
Video: A cat witnesses a pet parent deflating the world's largest whoopee cushion and isn't fazed.

Video: Cucumber Frightens Cat
Sometimes, the most literal titles are the best, and we can't compete with the actual content of this video showing a cat freaking the heck out over a surpise vegetable.

Rescue Kitten Thinks She's a Husky Dog
Watch this kitten play with what she thinks is her pack-mate, a Husky dog who lives with the small cat.

Best Cat Video of the Year Explains Cat Behavior and Answers So Many Questions
The "Golden Kitty," presented at the Cat Video Festival, this year goes to a crowd-pleasing CATastrophes short.

Oh, You Put In a Cat Door? Because I Think I Will Simply Use the Handle.
Between a doorknob and a cat door, this cat chooses the only civilized option when considering how to enter the home.

Video: Mother Cat with Hedgehog Babies Warms Collective Internet Heart
A video is making the rounds again, showing a sweet mother nursing her kitten ... as well as a clutch of hedgehog babies.

More to Love, More to Wash: Fat Cat Gets Bath and Feels Awesome
Video: this cat can't get enough of his scrub-down.

Top 10 SNL Cat Sketches (Plus 1)
Happy 40th anniversary, Saturday Night Live. Thank you for all the cat skits.

Video: Why Cats Always Land on Their Feet
New video filmed with high-speed cameras shows, like never before, how cats always land on their feet without hurting themselves.

The 5 Fluffiest Cats of the San Diego Cat Show
Cat judges manhandle show cats all in the name of getting the most body out of fur. Check out my five favorite fluffy cats here.

Cat Sees Cat in Mirror. Hears Doves Cry.
What happens when a cat sees a cat who looks just like him?

Video: AdvoCat to the Cat Rescue!
A cat-saving super hero befuddles some hipsters and shares news with your about a great way to help cats.

Cat Commercials: Super Bowl and Beyond
Amazing cat videos are sorely underrepresented at the Super Bowl, but find one cat commercial gem amid many that made it to the big game.

Video: Cat Eats Banana. Life Affirmed.
Watch this cat eat a banana and realize that life's most satisfying experiences are the simplest.

Five Cats Explain July 4th Safety Tips
Celebrate a great nation with a calm conscience free for partying while knowing your cat is secure. Five cat GIFs explain.

Video: Cat Greets Soldier On His Return Home
A soldier comes home to a cat who’s very excited to see him.

Video: Cat Saves Boy from Attack by Dog
See the video the internet can't look away from. Would your cat bravely save the day this way?

Video Roundup: Cat on Cat Attitude
Cats can be jerks to people, knocking everything off the counter or waking them up in the middle of the night, but they also turn it on fellow felines. See how.

The Battle Between Cats and Bananas
Competition is fierce this week. No, not for the Oscars, or the presidential nominations ... the competition between cats and bananas. The battle rages on.

Cat Video Roundup: Cat Hugs
Happy Hug Your Cat Day! Watch cats celebrate with big embraces.

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