Caring for Your Cat
Useful worksheets, charts, and checklists to help you care for the cat in your life.
Make your cat's voice your ringtone.

Enjoy the CatChannel coloring pages.

Find a toy you and your cat will enjoy.

CatChannel Ringtones 
Send us your cat's voice to create and share a ringtone! Click here to download now.

Coloring Pages
Hey kids! We know you love to color and we know you love cats, so print out these pages and use your creativity to color them in! Click here to download now.

Cat Toys
Keep your cat fit and happy with these toy choices. You'll both have fun playing! Click here to download now.

Organize your cats vaccination records.

Make your own Cat Fancy cover.

My Cat's Vaccination Records
Keep track of your pet's vaccinations and immunization schedules with a printable worksheet. Click here to download now.

Cat Fancy Cover Generator
Now you can create a CAT FANCY cover featuring your very own cat!  Click here to download now.


Fleas and Ticks
Find Cat Fancy's guide to fighting fleas and ticks.

Flea and Tick Poster
Cat Fancy's handy guide to flea spot-on treatments. Click here to download now.

Seasonal Tips and Safety

Find ways to keep your cat safe during the holiday season.

Holiday Guest Reminder Card
Help holiday guests learn a few guidelines for taking care of the family cat. Click here to download now.

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