City Kitty Stories

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Black Cat Breeds and History
Throughout history, black cats have brought luck, both good and bad, to all types of cat owners.

Competition Creates Stylish Shelters for Feral Cats
Cats who live outdoors in New York City get a boost through "Architects for Animals."

Band Hearts Cats!
Cats inspire covers, songs and video concepts for Best Coast?s Bethany Cosentino.

Cats: Best Roommates Ever
Looking for a lap-snuggler or shoulder-rider? These 10 cat breeds represent the many cats who love people.

Book Review: "Cat Daddy"
See how the "My Cat From Hell" host helps cats, and how cats have helped him.

Cat Auditions This Week
Calling Holly Golightly Fans! Your cat could be a Broadway star in the upcoming stage version of "Breakfast At Tiffany's."

Give Your Cat a Taste of the Great Outdoors
Check out these three safe and fun ways to bring the outside to your cat, or to bring your cat outside.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Cat Lovers
Show your cat fanatic Valentine that you care with a perfectly chosen cat-themed gift.

How Cats Fall Prey to High Rise Syndrome
See how you can help prevent cat falls and injuries in cats with some cat-proofing tips.

Cats and Bare Chests for a Cause
Found Animals releases "6 Packs, 9 Lives" calendar to benefit cat shelters. Launch party takes place Nov. 19.

City Kitty — 2010: Year of the Album Cover Cat
Several CD covers featured cats in 2010. Here's what sparked the feline inspiration.

Four Tips to Stop Cat Scratching
Point your cat's paws in the right direction (away from your furniture) and teach him to use the scratching post.

Top 10 Ways to Make Great Cat Videos
How do you shoot a top-notch cat video, worthy of sharing? Start with this checklist.

The Cat Flat
Share your apartment or small space with cats.

Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Cat Products
Find cat scratchers, cat toys, cat food and even something to clean up all the cat mess with cat products that are safe for the environment.

Eight Awesome Cat Blogs
Let's give credit where credit's due. These eight authors all write cat blogs to entertain or inform.

Fight Cat Fur
Cat hair, cat hair everywhere! Find out how to prevent cat fur from accumulating in your apartment.

Four Tips for Fresh Cat Boxes
These cat litterbox solutions can keep your home neat and clean

Help Cats Fight Boredom During the Day
When their people are away, the cats will play. Here are 13 tips to a happy cat at home.

Interview: Celebrity Cat Trainer
Hollywood cat trainer for such films as "Stuart Little," "Catwoman," "Horrible Bosses" and the new "The Lone Ranger" explains how to motivate cats for training and the weirdest thing he's had to train cats to do.

Katy Perry Makes Scents
Katy Perry, cat lover, has her own fragrance called ?Purr? and a cat named Kitty Purry.

Cat Sweaters for Charity
Kellie Pickler and designer Geren Ford partner with Fresh Step cat litter to benefit ASPCA during Cat Appreciation Month.

Expert Cat Video Tips
Filmmakers from "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" and "Love Potion #9" discuss their top cat filming recommendations.

Video Tip: Aggressive Cat Behavior
Calm kitty down with this suggestion.

Video Tip: Baths for Cats
Clean up kitty with this quick cat-bath tip.

Video Tip: Choosing a Cat Vet
Thirty-second advice on finding a cat vet.

New York's Algonquin Hotel Welcomes New Resident Cat, Matilda III
After 13 years, Matilda, the latest in a line of legendary feline residents at New York City's historic literary hotel, chooses a successor for 2011.

Matilda the Algonquin Hotel Cat Makes Her Debut
Dog and cat lifestyle expert, author and CAT FANCY columnist Sandy Robins presented the newest Algonquin Hotel Directfur of Guest Relations at a New York City gala.

Help for Wayward Cats
The CATS for Cats fundraiser in Los Angeles combined celebrities and a cause.

Cats on Display in New York City
Third Meet the Breeds event brings crowds to a large display of cats.

Keep Your Cat's Teeth Healthy
February is Pet Dental Health Month. What better time to get your cat?s teeth into shape?

Celebrity Cats
The Tonight Show searches for cats who impersonate Jay Leno, and Cee Lo Green's cat, Purrfect, remixes a classic jingle for a good cause.

Algonquin Cat Fashion Reception Benefits Pet Group
Matilda, Algonquin Hotel cat in residence, invites public to cat adoption and fashion event to support NY Save, which offers financial support pet owners for veterinary bills.

Kitten Halftime Show Airs This Super Bowl Sunday
Get a sneak peek at cute kitten pictures from behind the scenes at the Kitten Halftime Show during this year's Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

Cat Token to Join Monopoly Game
Put your best paw forward in the real estate race with the newest Monopoly token voted in: a cat!

CATober Halloween Recipes: I'm No Sourpuss Cupcakes
Decorate cupcakes for your cat-themed Halloween party and have a spooktacular time.

Top Cat Songs
Find the most popular songs with cat lyrics and pick your favorite cat power song.

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