Cat Tales

Do you love fill-in-the-blank word games? Try our new Cat Tales game and see what crazy cat stories you create!

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A Cat's Sleepless Night

Late one night, _______________ (name) the cat couldn't sleep. Now seemed like a good time to _______________, (verb) he thought, so he _______________ (verb, past tense) on his owner _______________'s (second name) bed and _______________ (verb, past tense) him. Because _______________ (second name) was _______________ (adjective), he _______________ (verb, past tense) _______________ (first name) the cat away. So _______________ (first name), being a _______________ (adjective) cat, decided to go _______________ (verb) under the _______________ (adjective) bed.

Under the bed, Bob the cat found tons of _______________ (plural noun)! He wanted to _______________ (verb) each one of them. So _______________ (first name) the cat _______________ (verb, past tense) his _______________ (body part) and _______________ (verb, past tense) his _______________ (body part) until he caught one. It tasted _______________! (adjective)

Well that was _______________, (adjective) he thought, but now he was ready for more action. _______________ (first name) the cat _______________ (verb, past tense) down the hall and then _______________ (verb, past tense) the curtains until he was on the _______________ (adjective) window ledge. Outside, he saw a _______________ (adjective) _______________ (noun). When he tried to _______________ (verb) the _______________ (same noun), he _______________. (verb, past tense) Because _______________ (first name) was such a _______________ (adjective) cat, he _______________ (verb, past tense) on his _______________. (plural body part) That's enough _______________ (noun) for one night!

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Reader Comments

Megan    Boerne, TX

5/29/2013 12:00:15 PM

Can you make another one? They are so funny! My cats love me reading it to them.

Elizabeth    Parker, CO

4/6/2011 4:05:34 PM

These are really fun. I just wish that there is more stories.

ashley    burnsvile, MN

2/4/2009 12:00:43 PM

this web is the best that i ever seen i my life ever

jurnee    kanssan, KS

5/19/2008 2:30:56 PM

i love cats and kittens

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