You Know You're a Cat Lover When …

How can you tell if you are a cat enthusiast?

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Find out if you are a devoted Cat-Lover!Below are several ways to tell if you’re truly a cat lover. Read our submissions. Then e-mail us  your own funny suggestions for how to tell if you’re really into cats. You will win 250 Club Cat points if we post yours!

1. You have more pictures of your cats than of your significant other.

2. You think no outfit is complete without clumps of cat hair.

3. Your cat has a special seat in the house where no one else is allowed to sit.

4. You check your cats' blogs before your own email.

5. You only eat fish and chicken shaped nuggets.

6. You don't have to ask what "mol" stands for.

7. Other cat people know you are purring and not humming.

8. Stepping on something small and furry in the middle of the night no longer scares you.

9. You open the pantry and you have an entire shelf dedicated to canned and dry cat food, treats, toothbrush & paste, grooming items, catnip and new toys.

10. Your cat has her own stroller and tells you when she wants to go strolling.

11. You have more cat toys than any other thing.

12. You and the cats share a water glass, and you forgo the ice cubes because the cats don't like them.

13. Cat barf no longer grosses you out.

14. You automatically drain the tuna liquid into the cats' dishes.

15. You delay making the bed because the cat prefers to nap on the rumpled blankets.

16. You color coordinate your clothes to match your cats' fur and collars.

17. Your cat summons you to clean the litterbox when he finishes pooping, and you praise him for being such a good kitty.

18. You carry cat treats and furry mice in your handbag.

19. You save every good cat-toon you find on the Internet.

20. You tell anyone who will listen about National Spay Day.

21. You think all cats should be licensed for their own protection.

22. You can carry on a lively debate for hours about declawing, indoor only vs. indoors/outdoors, wet food vs. dry food, etc.

23. You brush your cats' teeth and their fur.

24. Dog lovers know you respect their choice but will never understand why they didn't pick a CAT!

25. You sing your kitty a lullaby every night before going to sleep.

26. You spend more each week on cat food and kitty litter than you do on your own groceries.

27. Your screensaver features a montage of every cat you have ever lived with.

28. The highlight of your European vacation was meeting cats in every museum and monument. Your travel pictures feature you holding a cat in front of each historic site.

29. Your friends refer to you as the “cat whisperer” because even shy cats are drawn to you.

30. People corner you in the pet food aisle in the grocery store and ask you what kind of food you recommend.

31. You sleep in one spot at night so you don’t disturb the kitties that are sharing the bed.

32. People you pet sit for refer to you as Auntie when they talk to their cats.

33. Whenever you talk on the phone, your cat carries on her own conversation by meowing loudly into the receiver.

34. Your spouse has to sit in the back seat of your car because the cat’s car seat permanently parked in the passenger seat.

35. You buy your cat more jackets, collars and leads than she needs and you've been wearing the same clothes for two years.

36. You care more about color coordinating the kitty's clothes and collars than whether your own socks match when you walk out the door.

37. You take the cat to the vet for every little cough, sneeze and bit of shedding despite the costs.

38. You have to brush your cats' teeth every morning before you get a chance to brush yours.

39. Your cat has her own seatbelt clip and blanket in your car.

40. When you come home from work, you have to pet three cats before you get to kiss your significant other.

41. Most (or all) of your conversations start with, "Do you have a cat?" or "So, what did your cat do today?"

42. There are more cat toys than kid toys spread out on the living room floor.

43. All of your login passwords relate to cats in some way.

44. You sleep without your pillow because your cat is sleeping on it.

45. You can't eat until your cat does.

46. You develop your own catnip perfume for you and your cat.

47. You send in an obituary to the news paper when your cat dies.

48. Your vet wants to be reincarnated as one of your cats.

49. Your cat's bed is more extravagant than your own.

50. The cats take up more of the bed than you do.

51. You spouse sleeps on the couch because all the cats are sleeping on his side of the bed, and he doesn't want to disturb them.

52. You open the shower door and turn on the water for a few seconds because your cat loves to drink from the puddles on the shower floor.

53. Your friends call you to go out on Saturday night; but frankly, you'd rather just stay home and play with your cat.

54. You know what every meow means, and you have full conversations with your cat.

55. You buy cat toys on eBay.

56. You think your cat sings better than anyone on “American Idol.”

57. Your friends and family tell you, "I wish I was your cat!" or “When I come back, I'm going to be one of your cats!”

58. You stop dating someone if they have an attitude about your cats.

59. The neighborhood cats come to your house when they are injured.

60. The cats have health insurance, but you don't.

61. You leave the TV on the Animal Planet all day while you are at work so the cats can watch their programs.

62. You leave more inheritance to your cat than the rest of your family.

63. Your food has human hair in it, and you can't eat the food anymore; but when there is cat fur in it, you shrug and continue eating.

64. You go to a friend’s cookout party and spend the whole evening inside playing with the cats.

65. Your friends and family now know you as "Cat Lover."

66. Your cat has 67 different vocalizations, 12 tail twitches, 8 ear positions, and you know what each of them means.

67. You introduce each of your felines using all five of their middle names and your surname.

68. Your have your cats' names printed on your return address labels.

69. Your cell phone ringtone is a recording of your cat meowing.

70. You leave your electric blanket on level seven all day because your cat likes it that way.

71. You spend more time picking cat shampoo then your own.

72. You buy a pet casket and plot of land at the local pet cemetery.

73. You always receive cat-themed gifts.

74. You brush your teeth in the tub because the cat is drinking water from the drip in the sink.

75. You are constantly on your soapbox about spay and neuter.

76. You always are offering to pay for or provide transportation for someone to get their cat spayed or neutered.

77. You volunteer at the local animal shelter.

78. Your cat is inheriting more than your significant other.

79. You make a custom "Please rescue our cats" sign to put up by all your doors and windows because the standard ones don't have enough room for all the special instructions you need to give to the firefighters for all the different places where they need to search for your cats.

80. After 30 minutes, you can come up with enough different things to describe cat lovers than the official list on

81. You buy all your stamps online so you can put your favorite pictures of your cats on your own stamps. You also buy stamps for other people with pictures of their cats on them.

82. You talk to your cat rather than your friends at the end of a hard day.

83. Your bedroom is filled with mainly cat toys and scratching posts instead of your own things.

84. You find it hard to sleep at night if your cat isn't by your side.

85. You actually find yourself enjoying cleaning the litterbox.

86. You call your cat dozens of cute nicknames that you would never call anyone else.

87. You tend to be a bit uncomfortable when there are no clumps of cat hair present.

88. Your cat is the first living thing that you see in the morning and the last thing at night.

89. You don't need an alarm clock ... your cat never forgets to wake you up!

90. The first thing that you do when you get home from school is pet your cat.

91. You have a special voice reserved for talking to your furry friend.

92. You leave your seat for a minute, and the cat curls up in your chair the moment you get up or he sits and meows at you to vacate the chair you are sitting in.

93. You are supposed to go to a friend's party but you cancel because your kitty has a cold.

94. When your cat meows loudly, you know exactly what the problem is, and you replace the cat's old water with new and put in crushed ice to keep him/her happy

95. Your heater or air conditioner runs constantly because your cat likes to hang out by an open window.

96. You buy a vehicle that fits all of your cat carriers.

97. You record the voice of your cat and use that for the ring tone on your cell phone.

98. You count your children's cats as your grandchildren, and brag about the cat's accomplishments along with those of the human grandchildren.

99. When you make cat-praising lyric changes to your favorite songs and sing the songs everywhere you go.

100. When you refer to your cats as "Boss."

101. Your entire bathroom is decorated in Hello Kitty items.

102. You make more room for your cat in bed than your husband.

103. You let your cat read your blogs before you do.

104. You would rather buy your cat a Christmas present than one for your mother!

105. You have secretly eaten cat food before.

106. You start acting like your cat — hissing when you’re angry, purring when with your significant other, meowing when you want to talk, etc.

107. You say "She's so cute!" every time you see a cat.

108. Ninety-nine percent of the photos you put in scrapbooks are of your cats.

109. When recording an outgoing message for your answering machine, you make sure your cat’s name is in there somewhere.

110. When you go out to dinner, you always bring something back for your cat.

111. You don't have any kids, but you say you’re a mom and treat your cat like a child.

112. You spoil your cat more than yourself.

113. Your cat has all the toys on the market.

114. Your cat has her own special place on your bed — you!

115. Your cat get's her way ... all the time.

116. When calling home when traveling, you ask to speak to your cat — the real reason you called in the first place.

117. You don't even move when your cat is sleeping on you — even if you have to go to the bathroom.

118. You are reading this list.

119. You start eating your cats' food to show them that it tastes good.

120. When you sneak your cat into all of your meetings.

121.You turn your spare bedroom into a cat room and fix the door so they can go in and out but the dogs can't.

122. Your cat has more furniture than you do!

123. All of your vacation photos are of cats.

124. The sound of a furball no longer is terrifying.

125. You keep a cup of cold water in the kitchen sink for kitty at all times.

126. You let your cat drink out of the fish tank because you think its cute.

127. You wash the couch cover three times a week because of the cat hair — or better yet, you don't wash it! After all, your guests can just deal with it.

128. You won't go on vacation unless you can take your cat with you.

129. You put out bird food so your cat can bird watch for entertainment.

130. You look forward to meeting your cat at the door every day when you come home.

131. You hold your cat on your lap all day so he can sleep comfortably.

132. You start blinking slowly at people instead of smiling.

133. When your cat sits and stares intently at you, you know you have to get the paper towels and go see what he graciously has yakked up for you.

134. Your room is a cat shrine.

135. You feed strays outside.

136. You have a drawer full of all different kinds of cat food.

137. Your license plate reads "CATLADY," and you have a "CATLUVR" plate ordered as a back up.

138. Your welcome mat says "We Welcome Strays."

139. You take in any strays that need help.

140. You prefer your cats to sleep with you in bed instead if your significant other.

141. The furniture you buy is specially picked out to suit your cats.

142. You purchase a king sized bed so there's ample room for the cats to sleep in their favorite spot (between you and your spouse) without getting squished.

143. You spend more money on your cat's food and health care than you do on your own.

144. You open the pantry to make dinner and find more cat food than people food.

145. You ask your tax accountant to find a way to write off your cat supplies. Kitty is obviously a dependant — you spend more on him than you do your own children.

146. When you go to a new friend’s house, the first thing you notice is the cat and you yell, "Kitty!"  Then you want to know the cat’s name, how old it is and if you can hold it before you even are introduced to anyone.

147. When visiting family, you spend more time with the family cat than with your relatives.

148. You read bedtime stories to your cat.

149. You stay awake all night when your cat doesn't feel good.

150. You keep putting off the vaccuming because your cat hates it.

151. You avoid certain music genres (that you actually like) because your cat always gets up and leaves the room when you play them.

152. All of your cell phone pictures are of your cats.

153. You enjoy your cat plopping down on the newspaper when you're reading it because the cat is much more interesting!

154. Your screename(s) and e-mail have to do with your cats or cats in general.

155. You go on vacation and bring back souvenirs for your cat instead of your family and friends.

156. Your screename(s) and e-mail have to do with your cats or cats in general.

157. You spend more on cat toys than on clothes for yourself!

158. When you hire a professional pet photographer to take pictures of your "Fur Child" and you carry around a brag book.

159. When guests come over to your house and ask you "why do you have empty cardboard boxes on your kitchen floor?"

160. When you go to Petsmart and strap him in the seat of the shopping cart and the staff members say hi to you and your cat by name.

161. When you call your kid by your cats name or you call the toilet a litter box.

162. Your cat has his own profile on!

163. You only ask for cat toys on your birthday.

164. You are used to having cat hair in your foood.

165. Your cat has his/her own room.

166. You think hair-balls are cute.

167. Your cat has his/her own room.

168. Your cat sleeps on a king sized bed all to him/her self.

169. You only ask for cat toys on your birthday.

170. When you call your kid by your cats name or you call the toilet a litter box.

171. When your cat has more than 15+ web pages on different social networks while you have One myspace account.

172. You make sure she/he gets the most presents on every holiday.

173. When you plan your garden around a catnip patch.

174. You have more cats than children.

175. When you say "When all else fails hug a cat!"

176. You have more cats than children.

177. One of your co-workers looks at you strangely during a conversation, and you suddenly realize you're talking to him/her in the same tone of voice you use to speak to your cats.

178. When you have a party and hug your cat first.

179. In your office you have more pictures of you cats than your family.

180. The cats tuck YOU in at night ... one on one side, one on the other.

181. You throw out your alarm clock because your cats wake you every morning.

182. You have bought more for your cat in the last two months than anyone else in your family for the last year.

183. Your cat has more stuff than you do.

184. Your cat has its own couch and its own bedroom!

185. You open up your wallet and show all your friends a mini-picture of your cat.

186. You go through three cans of tuna on your cats before any touches your sandwich.

187. Your cat has his/her own personalized Christmas stocking.

188. You buy a bigger bed so the cats will be comfortable when they sleep with you.

189. Your sweatshirt message says: "Ask me about my Grand Cats!"

190. The neighborhood cats will come up to you!

191. Your cat your cat has his own Favorite Links button on the computer (CatChannel, icanhascheezburger, etc.).

192. You ask for expensive cat toys and furniture for a Christmas present from your family.

193.  You sign your cat’s name to all holiday cards/gifts sent to your family and friends.

194. You get your cats their own Christmas trees.

195. You sit in the car to argue with your spouse so you don't upset the cat.

196. Your car bumper sticker reads: My Maine Coon Cat Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student!

197. All you watch is wildlife on TV because the cats love watching wildlife programs.

198. You say "I love you, kitty" to your husband.

199. Your parents call your cats their "grand-kitties."

200.  You have your cat's daily astrology report on your homepage right above your own.

201. Your house is decorated with cat toys and cat furniture, and smells like catnip.

202. You open your underwear draw every day because you know your cat likes to sleep in there.

203. You spend $100 at the grocery store only to realize that all you've bought is cat food and cat litter!

204. You bring a photograph of your cat to put on the hotel nightstand when you are away on vacation.

205. You buy a harness and leash so the cat can go for walks with you and the dog because she doesn't like to be alone.

206. You spend hours cooking gourmet food for your cats.

207. No cat ever walks away from you.

208. You have your cat's picture printed on your bank checks.

209. You hug your cat and pretend to wash its head with your chin as if you were its mother.

210. You cough up a hairball because you've been kissing your kitty so much!

211. A room in your house is called "The Kitty Korner."

212. You wake up and it no longer surprises you that you have an extra cat that you have never seen before.

213. You absentmindedly offer your cat a drink out of your cup, but tell the dog to get out of it.

214. Sharing food off your utensils with your cat no longer grosses you out.

215. When you are calling your children, you go through your cats' names before you reach theirs.

216. You call to check in at home and you ask about the cat first.

217. You wake up and it no longer surprises you that you have an extra cat that you have never seen before.

218. You wear cat ears and a cat costume everywhere.

219. You match your furniture and decor to your cat and spend the day playing "Where's Waldo."

220. You throw a birthday party every year for your cat, with catnip cake and party bags with catnip mice for your cat's guests!

221. Your grocery list consists of only salmon, chicken, canned tuna and "sweet and sour kitten pork chews."

222. You let your cat sleep on you when you’re trying to read or watch TV.

223. You subscribe to Cat Fancy, for your cat.

224. You are talking with your cat in your goofy kitty voice and your significant other walks into the room and asks you a question and you answer in that same voice.

225. You sleep on the couch so you won't disturb the cats on the bed.

226. You change the cat litter before brushing your teeth in the morning.

227. You walk around the neighborhood with your new cat in a carriage while introducing your neighbors to your cat as your "baby."

228. You go out to dinner with your spouse and all you talk about is your cat and then hurry home to see the little kitty!

229. "Meow" is a commonly used word at your house.

230. You go to the pet shop before shopping for yourself.

231. Your house consists of cat fur, cat brushes, portraits of your cats, a variety of cat collars, cat food and cat treats.

232. When ordering in, you take into account what your cat would like.

233. Your restaurant sign reads: "No Paws, No Fur, No Service."

234. Your cat asks for your favorite chair and you get up out of it and give it to her while you sit on the floor.

235. Half the things in your basement are stored in plastic cat litter buckets!

236. You call all of your friends to tell them how cute your cat looks while it is sleeping.

237. You clean your house at 5:30 in the morning because you hear your cat sneezing.

238. All your jewelry (earrings, watches, etc) feature cats.

239. You have more cats than shoes.

240. Your usernames all have your cats name in it.

241. You cut your after-work activities short just so you can get home to see your cat.

242. You don't mind being woken up having your face licked by your cat, because you were late with her breakfast.

243. Tell your cat that mommy is here when he/she gets scared.

244. You don't think it's weird to heat up your cat's cold food in the microwave.

245. Your home is aranged just the way the cat likes it — even if it means having five litterboxes.

246. No meal is complete unless you share some with your cat.

247. Almost all the books you read are about cats.

248. You keep better records on your cats than you keep on your kids.

249. You refer to the bathroom as the litterbox.

250. You have the song "Carol of the Meows" on your iPod

251. You can blog more as a cat than as a human.

252. When on vacation you call your cat every day so she/he can hear your voice and not feel lonely. 

253. You can't tell if it's a craft room or a cat shrine.

254. You consider cat hair an accessory.

255. You call your boyfriend by your cat's name.

256. Your cat has her own YouTube channel.

257. You send your kids to bed and then tuck in your cats

258. Your spouse has stopped asking why when you bring home another kitty, just sighs and accepts it.

259. You wake up at 3 a.m. to use the bathroom and take the cat food out of the fridge so it's room temperature by the time you feed them at 6:30.

260. You are more worried about your cat's health than your own.

261. You draw something it involves cats.

262. You cat wakes you up at night and you promptly go to make sure she has food, water and clean litter.

263. You don't care if your cat licks your toothbrush.

264. You refuse to visit friends or relatives who don’t have cats.

265. Your parents come over, they ask how the grandcats are.

266. Your first magazine subscription ever was to Cat Fancy.

267. Your cat has more things than you do!

268. Every doorknob in your house has a hanging toy or catapult connected to it.

269. You have a garden full of catnip plants.

270. You read every cat-related novel that you can get you're hands on

271. You consider cat hair in your food as fiber.

272. You learn how to climb a tree to rescue your cat.

273. You reach the 200s and keep reading this list.

274. You leave the faucet on a steady drip in the bathtub because the cats like fresh running water best.

275. You know you're a cat lover when your friends compliment you on your "Eau de Kitty Litter Perfume."

276. You insist the Swarovski crystals on kitty's velvet collar be sewn, not glued, so they don't come loose and get swallowed.

277. You schedule your vacation time around your cat care

278. You don't wash your blankets for months because you like the cozy cat fur on them.

279. You settle down for the night you'll want a warm fuzzy creature on your lap

280. You are never seen without a Sphynx (or your favorite cat breed) on you clothing.

281. You use your kitty's picture as your profile picture on Facebook.

282. You have all your Christmas cards made with your cats on the front.

283. You take a picture of your cat with you on vacation after your parents say that the cat isn't coming with you.

284. Cat hair is considered a condiment in your kitchen.

285. All you do is take pictures of your cat.

286. Your email address has your cats' names in it.

287. Your cat puts his paws on your cheeks and strokes your face to comfort you when you cry.

288. You have more cats than children and can remember their names.

289. You have more cat hair in your vacuum bags than dirt.

290. You don't mind eating peanut butter and cat hair sandwiches.

291. You've spent the past six or seven days trying to think of something you can add to this list.

292. You cut your shopping trips short to get home so the cat doesn’t miss his afternoon walk.

293. You make up really stupid (but who cares?) songs about your cat.

294. You're better at giving your cat a manicure than you are at doing your own nails.

295. Your cat gets more presents for Christmas then you do!

296. Your arm is in pain because you let your cat use it as a pillow.

267. You sleep in the middle of the bed because your cat is sleeping on your side.

298. You look forward to her waking you up every morning, even if it is early.

299. You start to ignore the rest of the world because your cat wants a belly rub

300. You visit CatChannel more than Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

301. You buy a king-size bed so there is room for you and the cats.

302. Friends who come to your house always come with cat treats.

303. At your home cat hair is a condiment.

304. You don’t care when it comes to spoiling your cats.

305. You wake up in the morning with a cat tail mustache.

306. Some people have a Facebook page - you have a CatChannel page for your cats!

307. Your cat’s “Catbook” page has more friends than the owner’s Facebook page.

308. You prefer to talk to your cats instead of people.

309. When the cats have more furniture and bathroom facilities than you do. 

310. You have so many cat colars that thats all you have in your nightstand!

311. You give yourself a charley horse trying to climb out of bed without disturbing a sleeping cat.


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homelesscat    International

7/10/2015 12:50:00 PM

She will always in your mind, although she had passed away long time ago.

Jill    Lockport, LA

3/13/2014 10:30:22 AM

Any one living in Louisiana who would like to save 1 grown mother cat and her four kittens from the pet shelter please contact me. I am unable to care for them since losing my job and I don't want them put to death at the shelter. I have called all of the no kill shelters and they are all full. This is devastating to me. Please if there is a loving person to take them contact Jill at 985-258-9486 or

Alice    Nokomis, FL

1/18/2014 11:03:06 AM

Many sound just like me! Not 34 though my cats never sit in the front seat. I hate to think what would happen if the air bag went off, so they are strapped in in the back!

Alice    Nokomis, FL

1/18/2014 11:00:42 AM

Many sound just like me! Not 34 though my cats never sit in the front seat. I hate to think what would happen if the air bag went off, so they are strapped in in the back!

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