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Reader Comments

chetan    new york city, NY

9/3/2015 3:57:58 AM

Scientific studies prove that petting a cat lowers stress and blood pressure. Cats are fluffiest known creatures of planet earth. Scientific studies also shown that purring of cats have healing effect.

chetan    new york city, NY

9/2/2015 12:46:12 AM

Cats are independent creatures and easier to take care than dogs

chetan    new york city, NY

8/29/2015 7:54:40 AM

There are hundreds of species of wild cats in the world like civet, lynx, cougar, jaguar, panther, puma, bobcat, ocicat, leopard, cheetah, tiger, lion, fishing cat, sand cat. All species of cats are carnivorous or meat eating with the exception of civet which eats only fruits. The sand cat lives in desert and hunts small animals living in deserts like snakes. The fishing cat swims in water of river or pond and catch and hunts fishes. The bobcat hunts small wild animals living in forests like rabbits, squirrels and birds. Cats are held sacred in buddhism. The buddhist people believe that the soul of a cat prays to god for the welfare of its owner which still lives on earth. The buddhism people also praise the capacity of cat to meditate. To know about cat capacity of meditation, please visit website There is even a temple dedicated to cats named go-to-ku-ji in tokyo city of Japan. In this cat temple, there are many cat statues and people pray for peace of feline souls. Cats were firstly domesticated by the ancient people of cyprus about 8000 years ago. The ancient egyptians also started domesticating cats about 5000 years ago. The ancient egyptians even worshipped a cat goddess named Bast or Bastet. The cat goddess Bast was goddess of protection, motherhood, joy and fertility. The cat goddess Bast is daughter of ancient egyptian Sun god Amon Ra or Amen Re. There was a temple of cat goddess bast in ancient egyptian city of Bupastis. The pharaoh or ancient rulers of egypt also worshipped cat goddess Bast and Sun god Amon Ra. The pharaoh of egypt have many magical powers. The ancient egyptian people also worshipped a lion goddess named sekhmet. Cats were also worshipped as goddess Mochica in ancient inca civilisation of Peru. The chief goddess of Taoist religion of China, goddess Xiwang Mu has tail of a cat. The goddess Xiwang Mu still lives in the mountain regions of china and chinese people worship goddess Xiwang Mu. The farmers of china also worship a cat goddess named Li Shou which is a goddess of fertility. Cats have the ability to ward off evil spirits and evil spirits fear cats very much. Prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam religion also kept a pet cat named Muezza. Cats are also held sacred in Islam religion. The sense organs of cats are very well developed. The sense of vision and hearing in cats is highest as compared to all other mammals. Cat can hear ultrasonic waves and predict earthquakes. Cats also have binocular vision. So cats are able to see objects situated far away clearly from their eyes. Cats even have additional extra sense organs which no other mammal have like whisker, touch spots. Cats have extra smelling organ known as jacobson organ besides having nose for smelling. Cats also have well developed sense of smell like dogs

chetan    new york city, NY

8/23/2015 5:58:12 AM

The anatomy of brain of a cat is 99% similar to anatomy of brain of human beings whereas anatomy of brain of dogs is not similar to anatomy of brain of human beings according to research work done on cats. The intelligence of species of living creatures depends on anatomy of their brain. Search information about anatomy of brain of cats on google search engine and also see images of brain of cat on google images search. Cats also have sleep stages similar to human beings and cats also dream like human beings. The communication in cats is more complex than dogs. The cats uses more than 100 different sounds and body language for purpose of communication whereas dogs use only about 10 different sounds for communication. The common cat sounds are meows, purrs, hisses, growls and farts. Out of all animals, only cats have the ability to roll their body in the air when they fall from height, so that cats always land on all four feet on the ground when they fall from height. So that a cat can survive fall from great heights. A cat named andy survived fall from 24th floor of a miami apartment building without any injury. Cats also have the ability to use biological clock, angle of sun and earth's magnetic field. Cats can also predict change in weather, coming rainfall, coming storm and coming earthquake. The memory of cats is also sharper than dogs according to many internet website and a cat do not forgot anything in its life. The dogs have recalling power of only five minutes and dogs are unable to remember anything for more than five minutes. Many cats returned back to their owner's home alone without taking any help after travelling distance of hundreds of kilometers in few days when their owners left them or changed their address. Search this information on google search engine. Cats also have excellent observation power and cats learn many things by simply observing human beings. Cats are cleanest creatures of planet and a cat always groom and clean its body with saliva whereas dogs are not clean animals. A cat always live in safe place which is known as territory of cat. A cat always defend its territory whereas dogs are not living in safe places. Cats are also excellent skilled hunters, climbers and swimmers. Species of wild cat, cheetah can run at speeds of 72 miles per hour and domestic cats can also run at this speeds. A cat can jump upto seven times its own height. Search about interesting cat facts on google search engine. Cats always use litter boxes and can be trained to use a toilet but dogs are unable to learn using a toilet

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