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Reader Comments

Mark    International

10/21/2014 8:45:13 AM

We have just published our latest book on Maine Coon's and already it is number one on Amazon worldwide.

As part of our publicity drive we are reaching out to breeders and enthusiasts of the Maine Coon to see if we can partner with you and help you with your business, as you can help with ours.

We have an exciting wholesale opportunity whereby breeders can buy our book at a significant discount, either to give away to their clients or to sell on for a profit.

This is possible if you buy 5 at a time at $7.50 each (buy more and they get even cheaper) - you buy these directly via ourselves and P&P (delivery to you) is included in the price.

The book is retailing on Amazon for $9.99 + P&P and taxes – this works out at about $15 each unless you can order over $35 of goods - which then qualifies for free delivery.

Even if this is not of interest, we can also suggest another way of making some extra cash by becoming an affiliate of Amazon - you simply advertise the book on your website/Facebook page/blog etc and any clicks that convert to sales gets you a commission.

Here is a link for more info...


Here is a link to the book on Amazon:


Of course your motivation may not be profit but to want to spread the word about a new quality book about the Maine Coon which we have produced in conjunction with many experts of the breed - why not mention it on your blog, website or Facebook page?

Thank you to taking the time to read this message and I hope we can work together in partnership.


Mark Eastwood
CEO CWP Publishing

Karen    Seneca Falls, NY

10/9/2014 6:28:12 AM

this is the 2ndc time I have tried to contact you and keep getting a notification failure for the bowtie email address. When you did the renovations I can no longer get into club cat.

Teri    Loveland, CO

9/25/2014 8:09:50 PM

I don't think much of your "Contact Us" part of the site - I have now submitted 3 correct "codes" and can't get the comment submitted. I doubt I will get this submitted either because it has a code. Obviously you don't want to be contacted. I have been a subscriber to "Cat Fancy" for years and I am up for renewal. With this kind of service, why would I renew?

Donald    Glasgow, MT

9/20/2014 12:17:00 AM

In the Oct article "Cats on Campus," Eckerd College says they allow snakes up to 40 ft long. I don't think I'd want any 39 ft snake around where I live if I were a student there. Or even a snake half that long. Ha.

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