Can Cats Mate With Rabbits?

Learn why cats and rabbits, two different species from two different orders, cannot produce offspring.

By Arnold Plotnick, DVM | Updated: August 20, 2012, 12 p.m. EST

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Cats and rabbits cannot mate. Period.
Q: Is it possible to mate a cat with a rabbit? I have a black and white cat that is 6 months old. His back feet are large and he can stand on them for the longest time. He moves his mouth in the same way a rabbit does when he is eating.

A: Rabbits and cats cannot mate and produce viable offspring, even if they tried, for a number of reasons. Only members of the same species can mate with one another and produce offspring. Cats and rabbits are more than just different species. They are members of entirely different orders. Cats are carnivores. Rabbits are lagomorphs. They are simply too far removed from each other, evolutionarily, to be able to mate successfully.

Additionally, cats and rabbits have very different mating habits. Female cats are induced to ovulate by the barbs at the end of the male cats penis. Male rabbits have smooth penises. Without the barbs, the male rabbit could not stimulate the female cat to ovulate, so there would be no egg for the rabbits sperm to fertilize.

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Can Cats Mate With Rabbits?

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Reader Comments

CatChannel Editor    Irvine, CA

12/30/2013 9:07:22 AM

Xander -- No, not in any combination.

Xander    Brockville, ON

12/26/2013 12:18:56 PM

What if the rabbit was female and the cat was male?

Jo    Medina, OH

11/23/2012 9:20:26 PM

This is very interesting. I also have a cat that is black and white. He has very short front legs and very long legs. He also stands up on his back legs for long periods of time. When he walks he looks deformed but he runs VERY FAST. Also he will hunt and catch baby rabbits. He doesn't kill them though he tries to play with them. My husband jokes around and smushes the cats cheeks together and he looks exactly like a rabbit when he does that. A friend of mine said she thought the cat was half rabbit and I thought she was crazy. When I looked it up out of curiosity I found this.

Trevor Edwards    Toronto, ON

8/4/2012 11:52:03 PM

This is not a myth and i dont care what any vet or so called specialist say.... I did have a female cat and a male rabbit, they lived together in our home for many years and neither went outside and they had a litter of 5 and 3 died 2 survived they had the face of a cat slightly longer ears ( not by much ) and no tail longer rear legs when they walked slow they looked deformed but when they ran they were like lighting. normaly i never question specialists but this time i can say without a question of a doubt that cats and rabbits CAN breed it may be very rare but they did and the 2 only lived for about 4 yrs each. it bothers me when people say that your lying or dont know what your talking about just cuz someone saying its inpossible but i do have another unfixed female cat and will be getting a male rabbit to finally prove that it is possible. some people may say this is wrong or creepy whats the difference if you cross breed your dogs or a black woman is with a white man? what about a chinchila? its half mouse half rabbit... i understand there different species dogs are dogs people are people rodents are rodents but when two animals are approximately the same size and structure even though they are different species there is always a possibility of breeding. there is no difference they are not forced or locked together they will live in the same home and if they look at eachother from across the room and a spark happens between them who are we to judge or stop true i will be back!!!

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