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Jeanne Adlon

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Hello to all you who share your homes with our wonderful feline friends! I have been a professional cat sitter in New York City for 35 years and have cared for countless kitties while their owners travel. I am not a doctor or a behaviorist, but I know cats and am continually asked advice. I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to share what I have learned with you here on Please e-mail me your questions, and check my page for weekly answers.

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Please start making preparations for flea season. Fleas are easy to bring inside but not so easy to get rid of. More tips


Jeanne Adlon has been a professional cat sitter in New York City for 35 years. Through her service, Cat Calls, she has cared for countless cats in their own homes while their owners traveled. Though not a veterinarian or a behaviorist, she has seen it all, and then some. Her expertise is sought by many who share their homes with our feline friends.

Jeanne was always an animal lover, but her path hit its stride when she went to work for Cleveland Amory's anti-animal cruelty organization, Fund for Animals, in the late 1960s. Amory was a celebrated critic, animal activist and author of the beloved bestselling book, “The Cat Who Came for Christmas.” His adored feline partner, Polar Bear, was the book's star, and Jeanne would occasionally care for Polar Bear when Amory traveled — shades of things to come …

After leaving the Fund for Animals in the 1970s, Jeanne opened Cat Cottage, the first A to Z cat emporium in the New York City. It was an instant hit with cat lovers from all walks of life. One day a customer asked whether Jeanne could make a house call instead of boarding the customer's cats. Jeanne agreed, and Manhattan had its first professional cat sitter. Today Jeanne is as busy as ever dispensing food, water, clean litter and plenty of TLC to cats in the comfort of their homes.

Latest Advice from Jeanne Adlon

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Each month, Jeanne Adlon will respond to two e-mail questions. If you have a sick cat, seek veterinary assistance immediately. Do not wait to see if your question is answered, especially if your pet is showing signs of illness. In many cases, time is of the essence.

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