Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Head?

CatChannel and CAT FANCY cat behaviorist Marilyn Krieger, CCBC, assures a cat owner that it's normal for a Sphynx cat to want to curl up on her head.

By Marilyn Krieger, CCBC

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Q: My question might be weird, but no one can answer it. I hope you can. My Sphynx cat, Swizzle Stix, sleeps with me every night, on my head, wrapped in my hair. I sometimes encourage him to sleep under the covers, but he doesn't want to. He winds up on my head, entangled in my hair. It doesn't bother me. I love feeling his warm little body on my head. Why does he want to sleep on my head?  

A: Cats love to settle and nap in places where they can be warm and comfortable. Because your Sphynx cat has no fur, he is more sensitive to temperature changes and doesn't tolerate colder temperatures as well as furred-cats do.

Swizzle Stix is choosing your head to perch on for a few reasons. Because heat escapes through the top of your head, your cat has found your head to be a warm and toasty place to sleep. Wrapping himself up in your hair helps keeps him warm and comfortable, surrounded by your smell. Since Swizzle isn't wearing a fur coat, he is using your hair to help retain his own body heat. In addition to keeping warm, Swizzle is surrounding himself with your smell by nestling in your hair. Your smell may reassure him and help him feel secure.
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Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Head?

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Reader Comments

Susan    Buffalo Grove, IL

6/21/2012 7:37:37 PM

I love Sphynx cats ... I would LOVE to have one sleep on my head all night long !!!! As it is, my gray white tabby, Pickles, prefers to spend her night compressing my diaphragm so that I cannot breathe while she sleeps, LOL !!!

Jennifer    Norfolk, VA

6/11/2012 9:03:40 PM

I think the kitties with hair just wanna be like, "HA just try and move me. Your head is my furniture!!"

Luthien    Longview, WA

6/10/2012 7:54:14 PM

That's adorable!

kim    wibaux, MT

6/10/2012 7:57:10 AM

My One-eyed Snowshoe cat Macy likes to sleep on my husbands head not only because she adores him but also knows the second he stirs and she can coax him to get up, normally with her loud purring.

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