The Right Kitten

Experiencing the empty nest syndrome? A kitten might be just what you need.

By Koren Wetmore

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Do Cats Benefit?
Trends show that cat ownership is on the rise and the number of cats relinquished to shelters has dropped, but its unclear whether the trend is tied to baby boomers filling their empty nests, said Nancy Peterson, companion animal specialist for the Humane Society of the United States. However, studies have shown that the age range of the main caregivers is between 34 and the upper 50s, she says.

Cats may benefit from bonding with boomers, Peterson says, because an emotional connection may motivate people to be quality caregivers.

One clear benefit for boomer cats is the amount of pampering they receive.

Boomers are more than willing to pay for professional cat sitters and luxury items such as Gucci cat beds and fur-lined cat posts, Vetere says. They're no longer worrying about big mortgage payments or writing checks for kids school supplies. So, theres a lot more disposable income and they're spending it on their pets.

The Next Generation
Experts say its unclear whether baby boomers started the trend of cats as children, but they agree that the boomer generation certainly won't be the end of it.

Feline practitioner Craig Tebeau, DVM, of The Cat Doctor Veterinary Center in Federal Way, Wash., says most pet owners view their cats as more than just animals. Most view their cats as little children, he says. Its not specific to baby boomers, Tebeau says. A lot of people from teenagers to seniors are taking better care of their cats.

And that's good news for the feline babies of this generation and beyond.

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The Right Kitten

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Reader Comments

Mary    Riverton, UT

7/4/2010 4:30:14 PM

I have a Russian Blue mix. I am not particularly an affectionate person. Shadow keeps me balanced. We have an unusual relationship. I don't like to pet a lot and will not have a cat in my lap. In the evening she puts her paws up on my recliner/rocker and asks to get up on my chair. I move my legs over and she jumps up to lay on the chair. First I scratch her head and ears. Then she lays down by my legs facing the way I am. I loved this article. I haven't found anyone else honest enough about a relationship like I have with my cat. We aren't physical very much but we respect each other's boundaries and enjoy each other's company. She has helped to keep my blood pressure down. I know this for a fact.

Caitlin    Buffalo, NY

4/22/2009 1:38:50 PM

In fall of 2008 I moved into my own apartment after graduating college. I was in a new area and knew no one. One day I happened to look on and saw a little maine coon kitten who was at a shelter 4 hrs. away. I fell in love and skipped out of work the next day to pick her up. I anticipate going home now and look forward to my greeting. When you have someone else around who depends on you, it gives you a purpose. In return I'm not lonely anymore plus I get to try out those future mother instincts!

Debbie    Fort Wayne, IN

7/11/2008 12:34:11 PM

Hi I am Debbie and I got a kitten when my husband got deployed to Iraq we cant have children so I was so lonely then I saw this ad for baby kittens I am so happy now that I got her she has kept me from being up all night and alone and worried about my husband and I named her Zena she is so sweet and my husband saw her on the webcam and he cant wait to get home and play with her pets have a way of making us feel better and keep us no matter what age from being alone and makes us smile and happy again sure has made me so happy thanks for reading ....

Carol    Golden, CO

6/9/2008 4:52:22 PM

The title of this article seems misleading - really no information on "the right kitten". I was disappointed to not find information on kitten traits, personalities, etc.

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