Finding Your Feline Friend

Ready to add a new cat to your life? Consider these adoption options.

By Justin Sanders

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Two or More Cats?
Many people wonder when getting a new kitten if they should bring it into a house where another cat already lives or, if they don't already have a cat, whether they should get two kittens to keep each other company. The answer to both questions is up to the needs of the individual animal ... that part of it is kind of breed specific, according to Anne Edwards, a Missouri breeder of Persians and Havanas and board member for the National Animal Interest Alliance.

But feral cats, regardless of breed, have been trained from birth to expect other cats in their lives, so if you don't already have a cat at home, it is probably best to adopt two.

You should never have a feral cat alone, said Brian Kortis of New Yorks Neighborhood Cats. You'll drive them crazy.

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Finding Your Feline Friend

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