Make a Perfect Match

Many roads may lead to your ideal kitten. Here's where to start.

By Theresa Meyers

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After picking out a kitten, immediately take it to a veterinarian to be tested and given a full checkup. In many cases, when you are purchasing from a breeder or pet store, there is a written health guarantee that gives you the option of returning the kitten if any diseases or health defects are found during the initial veterinary exam.

Happy Hunting
Finding a shelter is as easy as going to your keyboard or checking the Yellow Pages. Pet Finder lists every shelter and nonprofit rescue group nationwide. Simply type in your ZIP code and you'll get a listing of establishments near you.

To start your search for a purebred kitten, contact your county offices or visitors information center to see if a cat show will take place in your area. You can also call the Cat Fanciers Association at (732) 528-9797 or The International Cat Association at (956) 428-8046 for breeder recommendations.

In the end, the love for your kitten will grow no matter which path you take to find that special bundle of fluff.

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Make a Perfect Match

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