Kitten Care: The Easy Way

With preparation and information, bringing up baby is a breeze.

By Brenda McClelland, DVM | Posted: Tue Mar 1 00:00:00 PST 2005

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When it comes to scratching, condos and scratching posts quickly fit the bill. If your cat claws the furniture, it's saying that it wants something else. Some cats like carpet, wood or sisal rope. Teach your kitten where to scratch:

1. Move your kitten away from the inappropriate item.

2. Show your kitten the scratching post or condo.

3. Reward your kitten with a treat and praise for scratching the proper items.

And don't skimp when it comes to size. Provide a scratching post or condo that is larger than your kitten. Your pet should be able to stretch out and scratch without the post falling over.

Kitten Proofing

Many dangers lurk in the house. The most common problem veterinarians see is intestinal foreign bodies that require surgical removal. Kittens try to eat anything and everything: rubberbands, string, tinsel, plants, yarn and shoelaces. If it can be chewed or is small enough to be swallowed, keep it hidden!

Kittens also explore places they shouldn't go. Watch out for furnace vents. Make sure refrigerators and dryers are kitten-free before closing the door. Be careful when using rocking chairs and recliners. Window screens are fun to climb, but often result in broken tails if your kitten falls. If screens are not locked, your kitten could fall out the window and become lost or injured.

Your kitten may also chew electrical cords, so tie them up or hide them inside rubber tubing. Keep poisonous houseplants, such as philodendrons, lilies and hydrangeas, out of reach. Also tie up window blind cords and put cat fishing pole toys away when your kitten is unsupervised.

The most important ingredients to caring for your kitten are consistency, commitment and common sense.

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Kitten Care: The Easy Way

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Deborah    Murrayville, GA

9/3/2010 3:44:45 PM

good article. short, sweet and to the point and covers a lot of ground,

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