Kitten History: Bombay

The Bombay is the result of a mix of a black American Shorthair male with deep copper eyes, and a sable Burmese female.

By Stacy Hackett

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Bombay © Helmi FlickBlack as midnight, sleek as a panther your Bombay kitten charms with her exotic beauty. Such good looks are what drove Nikki Horner to establish the Bombay breed.

After hearing many cat lovers comment in passing that they'd love to own a panther, Nikki decided to take up the challenge to create a breed with all the exquisiteness of the wild, black cats. She began her breeding program in 1953 with a black American Shorthair male with deep copper eyes, and a sable Burmese female. After years of careful selective breeding, she could consistently produce her unique domestic counterparts.

Eighteen years later, the Bombay was granted Cat Fanciers Association championship status. Today, these sleek black beauties enjoy popularity with cat lovers of all ages. 




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Kitten History: Bombay

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Randy    Camarillo, CA

9/1/2015 6:55:59 PM

My "Baby Boo" is 12 solid lbs. of sleek, lovin' jungle panther and is approx. 8-9 yrs. old. The very FIRST NIGHT that I took him in from out of the cold...he climbed up onto my bed, then onto my chest..."made bread" for a few mins. then proceeded to head bump me multiple times, purring loudly the entire time. Then he snuggled his cold nose into my neck for warmth & comfort. This, after only 8 hrs. from when we first met...Love-At-First-Sight for both of us! For life!!!

Late one night, I needed to walk a couple of blocks down the street to mail some bills. From out of the neighbor's bushes leaped my lil' panther boy, which scared me silly (he's into slapstick)! I told him to "stay, or go home!" but like most cats, he wouldn't listen. He followed me to the mailbox & back. I was curious to see if this was a one-off thing or possibly something we could do on a regular basis. So began our "Adventure Walks", 10:30 PM every night for the next 5 yrs. No leash...he'd just trot alongside me, or slightly ahead of me...disappearing into neighborhood front yards intermittently. The longest one was 2 miles, which took about 3 hrs. (I brought food & water). No matter where I was, he'd come looking for me at 10-10:30, to remind me that it was time for "our adventure".

Eventually, I decided it was time to leash train him, as I was tired of being stopped by the police and having to explain why I was hanging out in front of people's houses so late at night. Of course, Boo would be hiding in the bushes the entire time, literally hanging me out to dry. The conversion to a harness/leash went much smoother than I'd expected. He still loves our special time together and we rarely miss a night! I love my Boo!

I've had and been around many, many cats, my entire life. I don't care what anyone else says, BOMBAY's r THE BEST!!!

Dennis    Elmira, NY

9/27/2013 7:44:13 AM

I have a 12 pound 7 year-old Bombay. Very friendly black cat except for his white spot on his belly. If you touch his belly he tear your arm off. He has learned to walk on a leash. He taught his younger sister, by showing her, how to walk in a harness. He does not purr( don't know why) but love the attention. Not a lap cat but will sit near you. Would never trade either of my kids in. Their names are Tiger (Bombay) and Noel.

Galadriel    Lothlorien, ME

9/2/2013 11:43:41 PM


Nya    Manhattan, NY

3/5/2012 2:05:14 PM

My Max rescued me at the pound January 5, 2009. I was searching for a male kitten to grow-up with my daugther,Simone. She had her sights set on two tiny, white kittens; however, they were already adopted. I asked if there were no more kittens, when the keeper showed me Max. His name was actually Max and he choose me! He is the love of my life and simply adore him! He is the sweetest, gentleman cat you could ever hope to meet! He is a great companion to Simone, his mini "Mistress". He is not shy and secure with his maleness. He does tea parties, doll play, HW, artwork and cuddling with ease! Up until recently, his "Mistress" thought that if we fed him more, he reach maximum "Panther" potential. Then about two week going, we found a book called "Cat Breeds of the World" by Desmond Morris. Simone said she would find Max there and sure enough; he was there under Bombay Cat. He is the absolute sexiest cat i have ever seen. Everything is black! His coat is the most beautiful shade of black and soft as downing. His paw pads, nails and lips are all black with golden eyes. He is the most affectionate, loving creature you could ever hope for. Max will always have a place in our hearts and our beds:)

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