Can Cats and Kittens Get Along?

Get tips on how to introduce young kittens to older cats and how to help both cats get along.

By Marilyn Krieger, CCBC

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Kitten and Older Cat
Kittens and cats can get along with a few guiding principals, but a bond might be better between cats of the same age.
Q: I am thinking about getting a new kitten. I already have one male cat who is approximately 6 years old. Would he react badly if I got a female 2- to 3-month-old kitten?

A: Consider a few factors before adopting a cat or kitten to keep your adult cat company: the age, the personalities and the histories of both your resident cat and the newcomer.

I usually do not recommend pairing a kitten with an adult cat, although there are always exceptions. The age discrepancy between your adult cat and a kitten can be a challenge. Your 6-year-old resident cat is not as active as a kitten. Kittens, by definition, play incessantly, whereas adult cats prefer napping in between moderate to small amount of playtime.

Your resident cat might enjoy and bond with a new cat. If your resident cat has a history of successfully living with other cats, then he will probably do fine with a new friend, as long as you introduce your cats gradually to each other. Every cat is different. Some would rather remain the King and Queen of their households and are not willing to share their people and their territory with other cats.

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Can Cats and Kittens Get Along?

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Annmary    Bayonnenj, NJ

9/27/2015 7:31:10 AM

Hi maybe someone can help me and answer questions I have a four month old and my old account is two years old right now he's crying to his doesn't want to get the change room store to

Sarah    International

8/31/2015 1:00:49 PM

I have one male cat who is 6 years old and I felt he needed a companion. Eventually, we found a male kitten and they are now best friends. I was nervous at first as my make cat is very big but they were separate for 2 weeks and introduced slowly. This was only at feeding times as I felt my adult cat would enjoy as he loves food so the two together meant a positive thing.

It's definitely down to the individual cat.

Best thing I did!

What did you decided?

Samantha    Florence, SC

6/14/2015 3:50:34 AM

Yea, i was very worried about my kids, Joey(who is 13yrs & declawed) & Rebel(who is around 3-4mths & has razors)LOL:). I recently lost my Vinnie. He was 11. He was an AwESOME soul. May sound silly, i know my cats so i know Joey loved him. He played w/ Vinnie but mostly stayed to his self or on me, hehehe. So after Vinnie, i was a lil afraid to bring another in. Esp a baby, being so playful n all. But Joey has been a champ. He'll play w him but also, w/out hurting him, let him know when hes had enough. I had to definitely try. Cause all my cats have rescues. And i think it was just meant to be. We found Rebel under our car one morning & the only way i can describe him is that it look alil like a piece of the top of his bottom lip is missing. He is the cutest thing. And we love him to pieces. Hes our 'Buddy' & he's a part of the family now!!!

hannah    International

4/19/2015 1:34:21 AM

How much do these cats cost for an boy kitten

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