Kittens: All About Behavior, Care and Fun

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Kittens Kissing
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Kitten Behavior
Kitten Food
Kitten Health
Kitten Socialization
See what you need to know about kittens with information on kitten health, kitten behavior and what to do with your kitten to socialize her in your home.

Kittens Evaluation - A Scratching Outlet
Giving your cat a place to scratch early on may help prevent household damage. Learn about the different types of scratching objects.

Kittens Evaluation - Cat Lovers' Yellow Pages
Cat reference and resource information to help you be a better owner.

Kittens Evaluation - Bonding With a Sick Kitten
Long-term medical care seems to interfere with a kitten's ability to bond with her owner. A feline behavior expert offers some advice.

Kittens Evaluation - Carefully Consider Kittens as Gifts
A feline behavior expert urges thorough planning and follow-through when giving a kitten as a gift.

Kittens Evaluation - Kitten-Proof Your Home
Like a curious child, your kitten wants to explore every inch of your home. Make sure it is safe.

Kittens Evaluation - The Right Kitten
Experiencing the empty nest syndrome? A kitten might be just what you need.

Kittens Evaluation - Social Sweeties: Early, Positive Experiences
Kittens benefit from positive socialization experiences in the early weeks of their lives.

Kittens Evaluation - Finding Your Feline Friend
Ready to add a new cat to your life? Consider these adoption options.

Kittens Evaluation - All in the Family
Ease your new kitten into the household to avert dysfunction.

Kittens Evaluation - Make a Perfect Match
Many roads may lead to your ideal kitten. Here's where to start.

Kittens Evaluation - Cats Just Want to Have Fun
By understanding your kitten's penchant for play, you can create and interesting and simulating environment for your pet.

Kittens Evaluation - Dear Tabby
Experts answer your kitten's questions in terms that humans can understand.

Kittens Evaluation - Why Can't You Behave?
Nature shapes your kitten's personality, but it's up to you to provide some nurture.

Kittens Evaluation - Playtime for Kittens and Kids
Follow these expert tips for developing playtime routines with children and kittens.

Kittens Evaluation - Benefits of Interactive Play
A feline behavior expert explains why you should make time to play with your new kitten.

Kittens Evaluation - Mr. Personality
With patience and gentle coaxing, you can help your kitten overcome a shy personality.

Kitten Health - Mealtime Management
Establish regular feeding routines with your kitten to maintain his good health.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Abyssinian
This beautiful breed continues to capture awards and the hearts of cat lovers.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: American Bobtail
Some believe that the American Bobtail is a cross from a domestic cat and a bobcat.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: American Curl
The American Curl was accepted the breed for registration in 1986.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: American Shorthair
The American Shorthair kitten's good looks can be traced back to early American settlers.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Balinese
Some consider the Balinese as a long-haired Siamese.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Bengal
The Bengal kitten embodies the exotic qualities of her breed.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Birman
Look deep into your Birman kittens blue eyes, and you can believe that he has a long and illustrious history. Legends and tales surround this sacred cat of Burma.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Bombay
The Bombay is the result of a mix of a black American Shorthair male with deep copper eyes, and a sable Burmese female.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: British Shorthair
The British Shorhair kitten's special traits makesher prized for centuries.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Burmese
The Burmese kitten's ancestor, Wong Mau, passed along his good looks for generations.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Chartreux
The Chartreux's heritage stems as far back as 18th century France.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Chausie
The Chausie's exotic qualities and domestic personality are the result of hybrid crossings.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Colorpoint Shorthair
The Colorpoint Shorthair inherited her beautiful coat through years of breeding.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Cornish Rex
This lovely breed originates from England.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Devon Rex
The Devon Rex share a similar look with the Cornish Rex.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Egyptian Mau
The Egyptian Mau's extraordinary appearance originates from ancient Egypt.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Exotic Shorthair
Love the look of the Persian but not the long hair? Enter the Exotic Shorthair, the beautiful cousin of the Persian and the Himalayan with the same short face but a short, plush coat.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Havana Brown
Your kitten's coat of rich, warm colors of brown earned him the name Havana Brown.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Himalayan
Your sweet Himalayan kitten is from a breed loved the world over.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Japanese Bobtail
The Japanese Bobtail seems to bring happiness and fortune to everyone.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Javanese
This breed has some traits of the Siamese, Balinese and Colorpoint Shorthair combined into one.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Korat
This silver charmer has been a symbol of good fortune and prosperity for centuries.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: LaPerm
Born hairless, this unique tabby reveals its full, curly coat at about 4 months old.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Maine Coon
This native, North American kitty impresses in both sweetness and stature.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Manx
This tailless wonder, native to the Isle of Man, has delighted cat lovers for centuries.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Munchkin
While she may be short in stature, your Munchkin kitten is long on love.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Norwegian Forest Cat
The thick, soft fur of this Scandinavian breed calls for near-constant cuddling.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Ocicat
Wild-looking spots and athletic grace characterize this sweet kitten.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Oriental Longhair
This kitten is known by its fans as "a study in sleekness and elegance."

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Oriental Shorthair
A coat of many colors characterizes this active, delightful breed.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Persian
You'll know this kitty instantly by its flowing coat, open expression and laidback personality.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Pixiebob
This kittens exotic appearance calls to mind the wild looks of the North American Bobcat.

Kitten Breeds - Kitten History: Ragdoll
This breed is renowned for its uncommonly gentle nature.

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