Rescue Kittens

Learn about adopting rescue kittens.

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New Kitten on the Block
A tiny, helpless kitten finds an unlikely family.

My Adopted Cat Is Afraid of Me
CatChannel behavior expert Marilyn Krieger gives tips for getting cat used to his favorite person.

Helping Abused Cat Feel Welcome
A feline behavior expert offers tips to help integrate a rescued cat into a new loving home.

Spay or Neuter Your Kitten - Neuter and Spay Before Adoption
Many shelters are altering young animals before new owners take them home. This procedure is having a positive effect on animal overpopulation.

More Against All Odds Rescue Cats
See some more beautiful cats and read the stories of their incredible rescues from CAT FANCY's Against All Odds contest.

CatChannel Exclusive - A Success Story
How Project Bay Cat is humanely reducing the feral cat population in Foster City, Calif.

CatChannel Exclusive: Meet Authors Linda and Allen Anderson
Learn more about the inspiration behind their latest book Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster.

CatChannel Exclusive: 36 Wild Cat Species
See, learn and help your cat's wild relatives.

Living the Dream
Pet Worlds Steve Dale is making a difference and loving it.

Adopt Abroad in Four Easy Steps
Adopting a foreign feline is as easy as 1, 2, 3 4. While an overseas adoption may sound daunting, Amy Dodgen explains its easier than you think.

Adopting the Unadoptable
Because feral cats are accustomed to the wild, they are often overlooked as a prime choice for a house cat. However, with proper precautions and lots of patience, feral cats can become part of your family. Elaine Hughes shares how to help your feral friend make this transition.

Eager for Adoption
Although everyone loves the charm and adorable antics of a kitten, older cats need homes too. See why senior cats and special-needs cats could be the more appropriate choice for your home.

Remarkable Rescues
See who won our extraordinary Rescue Me contest.

Pet Adoptathon Weekend 2009 Sets New Record
Cesar Millan welcomes cat and dog adopters at opening ceremonies.

Twitter Kitty Raising Money for Needy Pets
Romeo the cat gains legion of online followers and raises thousands for pet charities.

Thousands of Pets Find Home During Adoption Event
Nearly 8,000 cats get forever homes during Petsmart Charities' Spring National Adoption Event.

Adopted Cats Get Their Own Birthday
North Shore Animal League declares "CATober the 1st" as universal birthday for rescue cats.

Iams Home 4 the Holidays Kicks Off
Actress Hilary Swank is the ambassador for this year's program, which aims to find homes for 1.5 million pets.

Hotel Offers Lifetime Gift for Adopted Cats
Wag Hotels is offering a lifetime discount on boarding services for cats.

1.3 Million Pets Go Home 4 the Holidays
Iams program, with help from Hilary Swank, helps organizations find homes for cat, dogs and other pets.

Which Paw Touched Your Heart?
Public asked to vote for most touching pet adoption story from Iams Home 4 the Holidays campaign.

Friends for Life
Pets and seniors can be a perfect match, says Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine.

Pet Adoption Education Program to Launch's FurKeeps program will help people adopt and keep their furr-ever friends.

Texas Pet Supply Store to House Animal Shelter
A Petsmart location in Fort Worth will open animal control and adoption center inside the store.

Pet Expo Reaches New Adoption Record
America's Family Pet Expo found homes for 668 animals, including 105 cats.

Pet Rescue Rally Reaches Across U.S.
Events scheduled nationwide to promote animal adoption and pet rescue groups.

Cat News - Cats Found In Abandoned Suitcase
Mother and kittens rescued by New York police.

Cat News - Cat Weekend Events
Check out the cat events for this weekend.

Preparing for Your New Cat: - Prepare for Kitten Care
Make sure you have the 10 things necessary to welcome your new kitten home.

Preparing for Your New Cat: - Four Tips to Kitten-Proof Your Home
Think like a cat when preparing your home for a new arrival. Look for potential hazards, then remove them from your new cat's reach.

Preparing for Your New Cat: - Your Kitten's Layette
Understanding your kitten's needs will help make his homecoming a quick and easy transition. Learn which supplies you should have on-hand.

Preparing for Your New Cat: - Kitten-Proof Your Home
Like a curious child, your kitten wants to explore every inch of your home. Make sure it is safe.

Preparing for Your New Cat: - 40 Ways to Protect Your Cat
Keep your cat safe by adopting and following these safety guidelines.

Preparing for Your New Cat: - Homecoming Dance
Make your new cat's transition into your home a smooth one.

Preparing for Your New Cat: - Two Paws Down to New Kitten
A jealous cat may not accept a new kitten in the household.

How You Can Help
You can help keep the 10th Life Foundation in business, caring for abandoned cats.

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