Rescue Kittens

Learn about adopting rescue kittens.

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Persian Cat Breed Rescue
Rescuing a Persian cat from a breed rescue group is great cat adoption option.

Cat Activities - The Cat Convert
Learn how rescue cats won actor Bill Brochtrups heart.

Cat Adoption - Every Cat Deserves Love
Here are easy steps you can take to make sure no pet suffers from animal cruelty.

Cat Adoption - Top 10 Reasons Owners Surrender Cats to Shelters
Shelters hear many reasons why owners must give up their cats. Here are the top 10.

Cat Adoption - Performance Booster
Can judging for type serve working dogs?

Cat Adoption - Classical Music Calms Shelter Cats
The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals uses classical music to soothe cats' nerves.

Cat & Kitten Adoption - How to Rescue Feral Kittens
With patience and persistence, you can tame a wild kitten and transform her into a loving pet.

Cat Adoption - Finding Your Feline Friend
Ready to add a new cat to your life? Consider these adoption options.

Cat Adoption - Homecoming Dance
Make your new cat's transition into your home a smooth one.

Cat Adoption - Make a Perfect Match
Many roads may lead to your ideal kitten. Here's where to start.

Cat Adoption - Adopt a Pedigreed Cat
Breed rescue combines love of pedigreeds with compassion for homeless cats.

Cat Adoption and Rescue - The Beauty and Magic of Fostering
Learn more about what fostering is, why it saves cats? lives and how you can help.

Cat Adoption - Top 10 Reasons Owners Surrender Cats to Shelters
Shelters hear many reasons why owners have to give up their cats. Here are the top 10.

Controlling Barn Cat Population
Female cats must be spayed to control the cat population.

Does My Adopted Cat Need a Companion?
Companions provide friendship and stave off loneliness and boredom.

6 Tips to Adopting a Shelter Cat
Shelter cats need your love. Answer these six questions to find the perfect adopted cat match!

Where to Begin in Adopting a Cat
Discuss lifestyle and other factors when considering a cat.

Would a Companion Cat Stem My Cat's Jealousy?
Cat needs to accept new person in house, then a new feline.

Cat Adoption - Personal Benefits
The benefits of volunteering can make your time even more worthwhile. You stand to gain by helping.

Foster Focus - A Gift of Love
By providing hospice care to homeless cats, Jennifer Corsun makes their last days peaceful and comfortable.

Foster Focus - Feline Superstar
Mr. Pibb, celebrity diplomate, changes the world for cats.

Foster Focus - Hello, Kitty
An American couple introduces feline fostering to Japan.

Foster Focus - Pedigrees in the Pound
A foster parent finds inventive ways to help hundreds of homeless pedigreed cats.

Foster Focus - Safe Harbor
One woman's fostering, rescue and outreach efforts have helped make Oahu's freeroaming cats safer.

Cat Rescue - A Gift From Above
A wandering cat finds a forever home.

Cat Rescue - A Herculean Rescue
Separated from his ill owner, this now-famous fat cat made headlines.

Cat Rescue - A Home Finds Ashley
After a rough start, a rescued cat finds a loving home.

Cat Rescue - A Ray of Hope
This YWCA feline employee feline employee to families in crisis.

Cat Rescue Alternatives - Serving Animals: When the Bond Breaks
Millions of cats are surrendered to animal shelters every year. Some shelters are implementing new options for cat owners who feel they have no choice but to surrender their pet.

Cat Volunteer Options - You Can Make a Difference
Always wanted to help out at an animal shelter, but thought it would be too emotional? Here are 23 ways to help animals without breaking your heart.

Cat Rescues - Feral Kitten Rescue Tips
Do you have feral cats living near you? An experienced owner shares her tips for rescuing and taming stray kittens.

Cat Rescues - Found Cat: What to Do?
Have you found a lost cat? Follow these tips to help a lost or feral cat find its home.

Cat Rescue - How to Raise Orphaned Kittens
Mom's gone, and you're taking care of her orphaned kittens. Here's what to do.

Cat Rescues - Unsung Heroes: Cats Get a Chance at 10th Life
Berka and Jim Smock offer a haven for cats no one else wants, operating a shelter out of their home in Central California.

Cat Rescues - Serving Animals: Changing the Face of Foster Care
Foster care programs place special-needs animals in temporary homes to receive hands-on care until they become healthy and adoptable.

Cat Rescues - To the Rescue
Feral cats are wily and often difficult to trap. An experienced cat lover shares tips on how to trap a feral cat.

Cat Rescues - Taming to Love: How to Rescue a Feral Kitten
With patience and persistence, you can tame a wild kitten and transform her into a loving pet.

Cat Rescues - The Best of Both Worlds
Breed rescue combines love of purebreds with compassion for homeless cats.

Cat Rescue - A Walk on the Wild Side
Valerie Sicignano tames the streets of New York City and beyond, one kitten at a time.

Breed Rescue Groups
A listing of organizations that deal with rescued purebred cats.

Cat Rescue - Enchanting Samantha
A shelter volunteer is smitten by an abandoned rescue.

Cat Rescue - Flint?s New Life
Abandoned in a graveyard, a kitten finds a loving home.

Cat Rescue - Out of the Ashes
After surviving a fire, 8 cats find loving, permanent homes.

Cat Rescue - Second Chances
FIV-positive cats make great pets.

The Best of Both Worlds
The benefits of adopting a rescued purebred cat.

Cat Rescue - The Will to Live
A hurt, abandoned kitten finds love and a home.

Cat Rescues - More WCW Pussycats
Meet other wrestlers with soft spots for cats.

Halloween Cat Adoption Specials
Are pet promotions at dog and cat shelters around Halloween a good idea? Alley Cat Allies president Becky Robinson shares her thoughts.

Life-Changing Love
A special kitten inspires thousands of fans and transforms a college student.

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