Taming to Love: How to Rescue a Feral Kitten

With patience and persistence, you can tame a wild kitten and transform her into a loving pet.

By Sarah Magee

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I sit on the floor, so I'm less intimidating, several feet from the food and speak softly. The braver kittens often warily eat. I repeat this process, so they begin to equate me with tasty food. I also visit at other times speaking softly. I know I've made progress when I enter the room and they don't immediately run and hide. Instead, their natural curiosity fastens on me.

A Little Closer
As the kittens become more comfortable, I introduce a toy on a string. As they play with the toy, I draw it closer to me, so they don't even realize how close they've gotten to me.

I continue the process with the food, visits and toys, and when I think they're ready, I lightly pet their heads while they eat. In time I work up to more extensive petting. Pretty soon the kittens are tame and in love with me because I provide food and positive experiences.

The entire process usually takes five days, but very shy kittens may take longer. Then they are ready for adoption.

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Taming to Love: How to Rescue a Feral Kitten

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samamtha    edmonton, AL

2/23/2007 5:18:49 PM

this has many good tips fr people trying to help a itter of ferel kittens

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