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Learn cat terminology that any cat fancier should know.

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Intact: Cats that have not been spayed or neutered. Intact cats are under increased pressure to establish territory, driven by hormones. An altered cat is much better off physically and mentally. 


Kneading: Pleasant pawing, held over from kittenhood. Nursing kittens move their paws against their mothers teats when nursing, generating more milk. Also called making biscuits.


Litter: Kittens born together from one mother. Kittens within a litter are known as littermates. Also, material used in litterboxes that absorbs urine and allows cats to cover their feces. 

Locket: The white spot found on the throat and chest of many solid-color cats.  Lynx: Lynx traits include feathered ear tips and tufts of hair between the pads of the paw. Examples include the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat.  


Pedigree: A form on which a cat and its background for three generations are recorded. 

Pedigreed: A cat whose lineage has been tracked.  Points: The coldest parts of the cats body, such as the face, ears, legs and tail. Often the coat on these parts is different than the body color. 


Queen: A breeding female cat, one involved in the process of giving birth to a litter of kittens. 

Quick: The pink tissue inside each claw. Avoid the quick when you trim the claw; cutting into it causes pain and bleeding. 


Registry: A nonprofit organization that registers, records or identifies those cats and kittens entitled to be registered as one of the breeds recognized by the organization; promotes and improves the registrys recognized breeds; adjudicates the rules for the management of cat shows; licenses cat shows held under the rules of the registry; promotes the interests of breeders and exhibitors of pedigreed cats; and seeks to improve the welfare of all cats. Three such registries are the Cat Fanciers Association, The International Cat Association and the American Cat Fanciers Association. 

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