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Boo Boo the cat
CAT FANCY reader T.S. got inked with a tattoo of her cat, Boo Boo.
More Cat Ink
Thank you for writing the article, “Cat Ink.” I am in the process of having a full sleeve of cats on my left arm. The one tattoo that I’m very proud of is the one of my beloved cat Boo Boo. She was 19 years and 4 months old on Dec. 13, 2007, when she had to be put to sleep. When she lay beside me, she always placed her front paws on my tattoo of her. My husband and I were so blessed to have her in our lives.

T.S. Bovard, Pennsylvania

Litter Training My Husband
Rather than “retrain” one of our cats with a litterbox “problem,” the cat trained my husband.

When my mother-in-law died, she willed Poogie to me. Born in a Louisiana bayou, he adopted my in-laws when their dog died. Last year, when his box did not meet his standards, he unrolled the toilet paper, bunched it up and peed on the toilet paper. After he did this a second time, my husband realized that the box needed more frequent service.

Now, if the box needs cleaning, the cat sits and stares at my husband. Poogie hasn’t needed to use toiled paper again.

Sue LaBorde

Vaccinations and Air Travel
This is in response to the “Vaccine Reactions” letter in the CAT FANCY March 2008 issue from Debbie in Littleton, Colo., and others who have cats and believe they cannot travel by air due to not vaccinations. Delta Airlines does not require a health certificate for carried-on or checked pets, upon arrival. However, the certificate may be required by the state. Note that a health certificate is required when shipping your pet as air cargo. For other pet travel requirements and restrictions visit Delta’s website.

Dee Leatherman

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Jacque    Hampden, MA

12/26/2008 3:38:47 PM

I just adopted 2 RagaMuffin kittens. When do you expect to feature a RagaMuffin profile and centerfold in Cat Fancy Magazine? I have been a subscriber for several years.

beth    tulsa, OK

3/24/2008 4:07:50 PM

I've benn a scriber and first time owner of a manx.
when are you going to feature the manx cat?

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