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Courtesy of Fran Petito
Ms. Grey, a special needs cat, brought joy to her owner's home.
Special Needs Cat Was a Joy

In the February 2007 issue of CAT FANCY, you printed my letter on my experience of adopting a “Special Needs Cat” in response to your “It’s for Life” article.

I wanted to follow up, and let you know that my special needs cat, Ms. Gray, passed away on May 5, 2008. Her ashes now sit in my home alongside her two other elderly cat companions that died late last year.

Would I adopt a special needs cat again? Absolutely! This cat was such a joy to have around, and with the love I gave her she had four wonderful years at my home. Who knows what would have become of her had I not committed to caring for her. Perhaps she would have lived at the shelter the rest of her life, or perhaps an irresponsible owner would not have administered her daily pills, threw her out into the streets or got fed up with all the vet visits and medical bills. But not me, I made a commitment to this pet and followed it through. Rest in peace, Ms. Gray, and tell Squeeks and Sierra mommy misses you all.

Fran Petito, Howard Beach, N.Y.

A Matter of Ethics

After reading the article “A Matter of Meat” by Cathy M. Rosenthal in the May issue of CAT FANCY, I decided to send for information about a cat food for vegetarians with ethical concerns about feeding meat to their cats.

The food is called Pet Promise. Although there is meat in the food, the animals are raised by family farmers and ranchers who believe in the humane treatment of all animals. This is stated in three brochures I received from Pet Promise. One of the brochures is specifically about this issue. Please visit the Pet Promise website for more detailed information

Cara Lojeski, Sturtevant, Wis.

Cats Drink from a Glass

Regarding Sandy Robins’ “Home Life” article about cats drinking from a glass, my cat Simba does the same thing! Luke likes to drink from my glasses, too.

Joseph Forbes, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Praise for the Scottish Fold

I love all of your issues, however, the May issue with the Scottish Fold Cat was wonderful. I have a 12-year-old, black and white Scottish Fold that I have had since he was 3 months old and bought at a cat show in Southern California in 1996. My cat’s name is Duncan McDuff.
A Scottish Fold is a wonderful pet, and McDuff took up with my mama and slept with her nightly. He is a wonderful pet. I have four other cats that are Persians and what a hoot they all are together.
Dorothy Argo, Austin, Texas

Thanks for Recommending New Products

I just wanted to thank you for your informative section on "New Products for Cats and their People," especially the part on the Steam Mop! I like to keep our tile and hardwood floors clean, but I had agonized over what cleaning products to use so as not to cause health problems for our cat and dog. The steam mop sounded wonderful since it only uses water and hot steam but would it really work? And would I like it?

Well, I took the plunge, ordered it and tried it out. It has more than met my expectations! I am so pleased to be able to discard all my cleaners and use water. Plus, it is so easy to use and does a fabulous job. Thank you for this great section.

Midge Frost, Rudy Kat's Staff, Roseburg, Ore.

Forclosed Property May Pose Danger to Cats

I wrote the following article after the death of our beautiful little Manx cat Abby. She chose to make us her family after it became uncomfortable for her at her previous owner's home. She had started to roam the neighborhood and had almost become feral by the time she started hanging around our garage. From there she moved into the sun porch and within a few months she had pretty much taken over the whole house and definitely our hearts. When her previous owner moved it was decided that she would be much happier with us and we gladly accepted her. Little did we know she would be gone so soon, leaving us in pain and furious that something like this happened. We miss her every day and the "what if's" and "why didn't I's" keep gnawing at us, but maybe this story will stop this from happening again, and no one else will have to go through the same thing.

Last week our little cat went missing. We searched the neighborhood, called the animal hospitals and even went to the humane shelter, but couldn't locate her. Then I remembered a foreclosed house across the street that had a pool. Our neighbors had issues with this property before because the pool was a mosquito breeding ground and attracted frogs that could be heard all over the neighborhood. They reported the situation, and supposedly it had been cleaned up, and we didn't think anymore about it. I don't know what made me decide to go over there, but I did, and I found her drowned in that pool. (We later discovered that she wasn't the only victim, another cat had drowned only a few days before.) Someone removed the cover, and there was three or four feet of nasty water in the deep end creating a death trap that no child or small creature could escape. The slope was so slick that even an adult could not climb out without assistance. On a street where children regularly play, there were gaps in the fence and no lock on the gate.

We were extremely upset. We immediately contacted the realtor who put the blame on a home inspector, but didn't have an excuse for not checking on the property. We also called the mayor's office, and he had code enforcement personnel in the area within minutes, and the next day the pool was covered, the fence fixed and the gate locked. Nothing will bring back our precious pet or take away the pain we now live with every day, but hopefully this death trap won't claim any more victims.

So please, if you have a vacant property in your neighborhood, especially if it has a pool, you need to check it out and contact someone if there are dangerous or unsafe conditions. More and more of these situations are arising due to foreclosures and people abandoning properties they can no longer afford. Just being aware of what's in your neighborhood may keep a child or another pet from dying needlessly.

L. Coyne

Feline Congenital Laryngeal Paralysis

I wonder if the following topic may one day be addressed on a CAT FANCY issue? The topic is Feline Congenital Laryngeal Paralysis.
My 1-year-old DSH (Milagro) has this congenital problem and has just undergone unsuccessful surgery for it.  The vet is suggesting a permanent tracheostomy, and I am not finding much information on the abnormality nor on the vet's final solution.
I'm sure my cat isn't the only one suffering with this condition, though it is very rare in cats, especially from birth and not always diagnosed properly.
Colleen  Moceri, Michigan

Unpampered Cats

It’s quite shocking to me to find that dogs are basking in and soaking up all of the glory, and cats are kicked to the curb! I’m not joking on that one; I have seen dead cats on the sidewalks, but never a dog.

Cats just have no respect anymore. Why, if it weren’t for cats, we'd live in a rat-infested world, and one-third of the human population would not be here today. But yet, people still don’t care.

Praise the people who try to solve the problem. All we need is more effort and more cat-loving people. Cats are being ignored, yet dog owners are becoming more and more silly over their dogs. It's just sad. But, they don’t make cat spas, cat bakeries or cat parks. Plus, people are toughening on laws that consider dogs, but what about cats? They aren’t made a big fuss over. My point is that cats need to be feared and appreciated and loved again, and dogs need to step down.

Jana Pete

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Karen    Pinole, CA

8/23/2008 8:11:30 PM

Got my Cat Fancy magazine Thursday. Was starting to thumb through and got to the readers letters. I was absolutely floored to find my letter in print. Thank you so much. I have been subscribing to your magazine on and off for at least 15 or so years, and enjoy the articles. Keep up the good work.

Dani    LA, CA

7/27/2008 7:06:39 PM

Wow!! This will be very useful for when I get me another cat.

Elizabeth    White Mountains, NH

7/26/2008 9:41:23 PM

I enjoy getting my monthy copy of Cat Fancy! i also love going to cat! Thank you

Jenny    Portland, OR

7/26/2008 7:36:22 AM

I love reading other peoples' stories and more the merrier.

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