Over The Rainbow

The Munchkin has the brains, the courage and the heart to win over any cat lover.

By Stacy N. Hackett

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When one of Margie Gardner’s Munchkins sees something that captures its interest, the cat exhibits a behavior unique to the breed. 

"They will quickly sit up on their hind legs, and just perch, sometimes for a fairly lengthy bit of time,” the Flintstone, Ga., breeder explains. “Because of the shortness of the legs, the Munchkin seems very comfortable sitting up [like this].”

Glenn Fankhauser, a breeder from Bakersfield, Calif., compares this behavior to that of a meerkat, noting that his cats display the trait when most other cats brace themselves on their front paws. ”Munchkins rarely will touch the side of a tall object,” he says.

Although the Munchkin naturally adapts some behaviors to accommodate its short legs, the cat doesn’t let the unique characteristic hamper its everyday activities. In fact, breeders say the opposite is true. ”Munchkins can run, jump and play with the best of them,” says Chris McRobbie, a breeder from Sarasota, Fla. “If they cannot make the leap, they will find a way up to wherever they wish to be — they are very determined.”

Suzette Garey, a Munchkin owner from Milton, Vt., agrees. “Lowla is quick, agile and can jump as high as my Ragdolls,” she says. “I actually think she is more agile than my Ragdolls.”

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Over The Rainbow

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Sarah    Temple, TX

7/1/2012 8:12:35 PM

I have seen pictures of these cats. They have such a unique look! It is just sooo fascinating how small their little legs are!

Heidi    Houston, TX

7/21/2010 6:43:50 AM

Where are the pictures of the Munchkin cats at? These breed is so misunderstood, they run and play and jump and are really fast, but you need to see the legs to get it.

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