Calling all Cat Dads for Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Cat Dads!

Thanks to all of you for sending in your favorite photos and telling us the best thing about being a dad to your cat. Now relax and enjoy the gallery of pictures. And have a great Father's Day!

Cat dad Marcello with Lina, Mia and Junior Cat dad Chris with Sippies Cat dad Rob with Napoleon

Lina, Mia, Junior
My kids are great. They greet me at the door at night. They are so loving. All three of them are 'rescue kitties'. My big boy, Junior sleeps on my pillow every night. My gorgeous Lina follows me everywhere and we have full on conversations with me asking the questions and she answering in her confident 'meow'. Then there is my little black and white, Mia who will sit on the bathroom counter for an hour just waiting to be brushed. Of course I don't make her wait that long, but she would. My kids have made my life complete.

Las Vegas, NV

Sippies was Abandoned in the Woods behind our home & has an immune system condition that creates sores that do not heal. My Husband Loves All Animals but has always been a Dog-Person. Sippies has transfromed him into a True Cat Lover. Despite His Severe Allergies...Chris Could Not Resist Sippies' Sweet Purrsonality & Irresistible Charm. Sippies is now the King of the Castle & We would not have it any other way! Chris jokes that "Sippies made the Right Turn when he wandered into Our Yard" and calls him "The Brad Pitt of Cat Channel".

Aileen & Chris
Jefferson TWP, NJ

I had never been a cat lover until we got Nappy from the Humane's Society 2 yrs ago for my wife Brenda's birthday after her guinea pig died..Nappy loves to be babied when I get home from work and before he goes to bed...We had a bad scare last week when he became so sick..Never take your pet for granted since we don't know how long we will have them for...They give us unconditional love..I am proud to say that I am Nappy's Dad.

Ontario, Canada

Cat dad Robert with Casey Cat dad Craig with Lucas Cat dad Ricky with Gidget

Being allowed to carry him to bed every night and give him belly rubs

Robert Burns
Franklin, Wisconsin

He's the newest in our family. He has a big personality in a tiny body.

Binghamton, NY

Whenever I pick her up or pet her, she starts to purr so loud and headbonks me!

Ricky and Cindy Bell
Hernando, FL

Cat dad Justin with Boots

Cat dad with Steve with Pudgy

Cat dad Justin with Big Guy

Boots Is Our Baby Girl, Shes The Only Girl Of Our 3. & She Knows Shes A Princess. She Plays Fetch Better Than Most Dogs:)

Justin & Jessica
Yuba City, CA

he was my best friend, loved to go in to the garage and watch me work, he was my constant companion. Sadly he died earlier this year. I miss him a lot.

St. Pete, FL

Big Guy
Big Guy Loves To Cuddle! He Always Comes Running & Meows When Hes Ready To Cuddle! Daddy Cant Say No To That Face

Justin & Jessica
Yuba City, CA

Cat dad David with Sammy Cat dad with Puff

Cat dad with Reba

Their unconditional love.

David Burris
Glasgow, KY

all the love they give to me.

Myndi Murcin
St. Petersburg, FL

She's my #1 fan!!!

Athol, ID

Cat dad Joe with Pumpkin Cat dad Kevin with Stitch Cat dad Eric with Stinky, Spookie, Marty, Mia, June, Rocky, Spike, Princess, Angel, Romeo and Juliet

One squeek, or one google eye-bobbling of his little Tigre head and Daddy drops like a rock and his little Tigre feet!!

Joe & Leigh Crawford
Powder Springs, GA

It's nice to relax after a long day at work with my cat. Even if he waits until I'm already asleep to come sneak in a snuggle.

Vellejo, CA

Stinky, Spookie, Marty, Mia, June, Rocky, Spike, Princess, Angel, Romeo and Juliet
Some are not in the picture. I think Breakfast is the best.

Stockbridge, GA

Cat dad Nicholas with Lola and Lucy

Cat dad Joey with Oliver 

Alyssa with Lilly 

Lola & Lucy
I love Lola and Lucy;my adoptive babies,they´re wonderful girls and give us lots of love and joy.

Nicolas & Maria Cecilia
Capital Federal, Buenos Aires

I can always count on my little dookie boy to make me laugh!

Burbank, CA

i am a child but seeing my dad with lily is very cute. he wil go lilylilylily and she will come and jump up on top of him.

Turner, OR

Cat dad Craig with Tigger

Cat dad Wesley with Purr'anah

Cat dad LeRoy with Danika 

This little kitten reached his paw out to me. He reminded me of a kitty I used to have. His little brother was looking up at me too! So we went back and took both of them. They are such good boys! We love them very much!

Binghamton, NY

He loves to lay on the floor with me to watch TV and greets me soon as I walk through the door. He's the long hair next to me. The little black kitty is Bearrr our newest and Purr'anah has taken him on teaching him how to watch TV. lol

Springville, CA

Having a furry friend to pet. Danika loves typing with me on my computer and she sleeps by my side at all times.She comes and greets me when I come from work and she loves to play hide and seek. Just a wonderful cat.

LeRoy Douglas
Killean, TX

Cat dad Pat with Poe

Cat dad Erik with Angel 

Cat dad Ron with Buddy 

He's there to greet me every morning and follows me around until I leave the house. He loves me!

Pat Batey
De Pere, WI

Unscheduled Cat naps and Unconditional Love

Erik Neborski
Stockbridge, GA

The best thing about being a dad to Buddy is the unconditional love and joy he brings to me each and everyday.

Ron Perrotta
Birdsboro, PA

Cat dad Joe with Angel

Cat dad Dave with Sebastian KoKo

Cat dad David with Hannah

She's my "little girl". We've had her for nearly as long as we've been married. We'll move Heaven & Earth to make sure she's taken care of! She owns us ;D

Joe & Leigh Crawford
Powder Springs, GA

Sebastian KoKo
Cats are the logical pet of choice. They are easy to keep clean and aren't smelly.

Dave & Linda Massey
St. Louis, MO

The best thing about being Hannah's dad is giving and receiving the unconditional love. Hannah is a joy and a blessing and she is like a little girl to me.

David Truitt
North East, Maryland

Cat dad Adam with Bowser 

Cat dad Gene with Siamie

Cat dad Jim with Twister 

The unconditional love he shares with me everyday.

Adam + Jessica
Kansas City, MO

They are such fun to interact with.

Gene Arias
Sherman Oaks, CA

Twister loves me as much as I love him.

Ponca City, OK

Cat dad Patrick with Felix the Cat 

Cat dad Marc with Robert William Claire

Cat dad George with Daisy, Lilly, Sweetie and Tab

Felix the Cat
He is very loving and kind and he never shuts up. He has a language of his own.

Patrick Hart
Winnepeg, MB

Robert William Claire
Unconditional love. He is always there for me. He is a very peaceful and gentle cat and brings me much joy and peace. Plus, he doesn't talk back.

Marc Nassie
Albert City, IA

Daisy & Lily(pictured), Sweetie, & Tab
The calm that they bring me. The gentle strengh that they teach me.

Houston, TX

Cat dad Sam with Kyra the Cog
Cat dad Kevin with Giselle
Cat dad John with Silver 

Kyra the Cog

Sam Staley
Scottsdale, AZ


Burbank, CA

When they want love and pets

Tucson, AZ

Cat dad Steve with Snuggler

Cat dad Richard with Pretty Girl and Troubles 

Cat dad Gabriel with Tabby

the unconditional love they provide 24/7

Steve & Eve Kurpiers
Rice, MN

Pretty Girl & Troubles
They are our babies, they keep me company and alert

Richard Morgan
Jamestown, PA

We love being around each other.

Downey, CA

Cat dad Joe with Nermal

Cat dad Ben with Zerker

Cat dad Will with Icarus 

She's a BIG girl, and she goes outside the box...a lot! But, we love her anyway. She has the LOUDEST meow and the LOUDEST purr-umbling. Daddy loves her big, emerald eyes!

Joe & Leigh Crawford
Powder Springs, GA

This picture is of my father, who didn't like cats... until Zerker gave him no choice but to love her. And love her, he certainly did. They've both passed on now (her in '99; him in '05).

Ben "Oliver Mellors" Kloepper
St. Louis, MO

Doing surgery and being on-call 24/7 as a first year resident is stressful. But Icarus & his sister Hickory are always there to put me on the receiving end of concern and love.

Will Yoder, DPM
Westlake, OH

Cat dad Mike with Misty

Cat dad Justin with Princess

Cat dad Steve with Tortie 

Misty always knew when to sit right beside me and snuggle. Somehow she also knew when I needed space & she would sit at the other end of the sofa and purr. That always made me smile!

Mike Gardella
Palm Springs, CA

The love I get in-return!

Spartanburg, SC

I  rescued Tortie from a horrible life of dumpster diving in January in Minnesota, now she is my pampurrred office cat, living a life of luxury

Steve Kurpiers
Rice, MN

Cat dad Jacob with Critter

Cat dad Ray with Zippy

Cat dad with Garth

They love you no matter what

Jacob Hazlett
Chehalis, WA

He is my best friend.

Mayfield Heights, OH

He's a great alarm clock! 

Athol, ID

Cat dad Robert with Tallulah and Agatha  

Cat dad Rob with Bruce Cat dad Brad with Scotty

Tallulah and Agatha
Bringing the "wild" into my home.

Robert Shirreffs
Fullerton, CA

He loves to cuddle and greets me whenever I come home!

Brandon, MB

The Love I Give Them and they give back

Brad Kollus
Monmouth Jct., NJ

Cat dad Matt with Sheba Schmoo Cat dad Samuel with Max

Cat dad Robert with Kovu

Sheba Schmoo
Teaching my kitty the ancient arts of the ninja. I love to play with her.

Matt Vaessen
Green Bay, WI

Just playing with my cat is the best I throw his toy mouse and he returns it to me.

Samuel Wolf
Tulsa, OK

He inspires me to write music. Kovu and I will allways be freinds!

Robert McLean
Aurora, CO


Cat dad Anthony with Bella and Luna Cat dad Terry with Courage Cat dad Jerry with Sassi

Bella and Luna
The way they come to me for a lap and look for me to help them open the window.

Anthony Lewis
Astoria, NY

The best thing about being my cat's "Dad" is the homecoming greeting I get whenever I walk through the door. It doesn't matter if I was gone all day or only five minutes, Courage is just as excited to see me walk through the door. No matter how bad my day is, it never fails to cheer me up than to be greeted by Courage at the door.

Terry Meyers
Fairmont, MN

Knowing she trusts that no harm will come to her when she is with me

Jerry & Joyce
Hazen, ND

Cat dad Palmer with Hunter Cat dad Don with Hobbes

Cat dad John with Jodi

That he loves you no matter what. I love they way he rubs against me and purres and talks to me when he wants his meal. I wouldn't want it any other way. Cats are very loving.

Palmer & Phyllis
Martinsville, NJ

Hobbes has taught me that having enough to eat, a comfortable place to sleep, and a good vantage point from which to see a little of what is going on in the world (and maybe a reasonably clean litter box) is about all anyone really needs.

Don Cleveland
West Point, GA

I'm a grandpa to my cat, as she is technically my daughter's kitty, but she has been a part of our family for 18 years and I love her loud meow when she says hello when we come to visit.

Sugar Land, TX

Cat dad Mike with Roswell, Pepe, Babette and Inga


Roswell, Pepe, Babette & Inga
The White Paws, as my wife calls them, lower my blood pressure. They just melt your cares away. Funny, friendly and lovable, you can't beat a purring kitty after a day of work! Each one has me wrapped around his or her paw and we'd never change that for the world. (Roswell is the one in the picture. He's my grilling buddy)

Mike & Georgia
Ewing, NJ


Cat dad Dan with Toby

Cat dad with Mike

Cat dad Dan with Leah 

Toby is the most comical, charming and affectionate cat you could ask for. He's very intelligent and tells me he wants to grow up to be a surfer dude!

Dan Baugess
Atlanta, GA

He likes me more then my animal lover wife so I get all the cuddling and purrs with an occassional toe bite. Being a cat dad really humbles you as they own you on their terms and their time,which make me appreciate them all the more.

Audie Giller
Gladstone, Michigan

This is a photo of Leah as a kitten while sleeping on her favorite blanket. She's the3 most intelligent cat I've ever known, and is very affectionate. She's happy and very content.

Dan Baugess
Atlanta, GA

Cat dad Efrain with Toby and Ticho

Cat dad with Snowball 

Cat dad Irfan with Cyclops

Toby & Ticho
see them eat their snacks and enjoy their pets green

Efrain Perez
Houston, TX

play that are cat

Tina Lynch
Obetz, OH

The unconditional love i can give and get in return

Karachi, NY

Cat dad Ivan with Piccolina

Cat dad with Mocha

Cat dad Craig with Kitters 

we rescued her when she was just 3 weeks old ....she is just my baby girl!!! could'n be with out her anymore.

San Antonio, TX

she is the best therapy i can have, she knows when am sad to give me all the attention!!!!

San Antonio, TX

she makes me laugh when i had a bad day at work she means the world to me i love her so much

Craig and Ruthann fuller
Brownsville, PA

Cat dad with Blanche and Cielita
Cat dad Patrick with Felix

Cat dad Charles with Slicky, Sly and Simba 

Blanche and cielita
they are wonderful, and they special they can't hear...

Mariadys Torres
Springfield, MA

He give me unconditional love and all he asks for is food and water and some attention.

Patrick Hart
Winnepeg, MB

Slicky Sly Simba

Toms River, NJ

Cat dad Marcello with Lina, Mia and Junior


Lina, Mia, & Junior
They welcome me at the door at night and are so loving. We have full-on conversations. I ask the questions and they "meow" back. All three of them are 'rescue kitties'. My big boy, Junior sleeps on my pillow every night. My gorgeous Lina follows me everywhere. Mia, my little black and white will sit on the bathroom counter for an hour just waiting to get brushed. Of course I don't make her wait that long, but she would. They have made my life so full and complete.

Las Vegas, NV

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