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Cat Memorial
Mrs. Siamese - Siamese
Mrs. Siamese
3 yrs 10 months
Memorial Text:
Mrs. Siamese came to me as part of a feral litter that I had spayed through the trap, neuter release program. Of the 4 in the litter she and her sister Hemi were inseparable. I wanted very much to make both of them part of my inside cat family. But I have asthma and use Advair daily, and already had 3 cats inside and a large Golden Retriever.
I tried but could not find placements for them, especially since I did not want the two of them separated. So I trained them to come to my back deck and screened porch for food and shelter. In the winter I placed a heater near their bed that I made for them so they would not be cold. Mrs. Siamese captivated me with her crystal blue eyes, and sweet, loving personality. She came when I called her, eventually not only let me pet her, but loved it, talking to me "Merow merow merow" the whole time. If I were outside and she heard my voice she came running to find me. She never wandered far, and though I tried to keep Mrs. Siamese and her sister on my screened porch, they loved their freedom and always found a way to get out. On Monday, January 5, 2015 she was hit by a car and killed instantly. We were home, and my daughter saw her lying there when she was coming down the street. My husband picked her up, made sure she was gone - there was no doubt - and we buried her under the elevated screened porch, where the site is covered in heavy stones and placed in a brick border. She took a large piece of my heart with her. Her sister is at the vet for a clean bill of health,and will join our other cats as an inside only cat. Mrs. Siamese was the alpha cat bewtween them, and Hemi simply was so dependent on her she won't survive without her. Every morning when I gave her her bowl of food I told her " You are such a beautiful girl - I love you Mrs. Siamese" and petted her as she purred. You are at the Rainbow Bridge with Kittykat, and our goldens Buddy and Cody. I know I will see you again - until then enjoy the paradiise with KittyKat, Cody and Buddy, and all of your friends at the Rainbow Bridge. You will forever be in my heart!









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Reader Comments

Steve    Buffalo, NY

1/17/2015 11:16:29 PM

My 6yr old Siamese Violet woke me up 12/26/14 at 5AM gasping for breath.
She died in my arms before 530AM five minutes away from the VER. I buried her that morning.
They figured it was a blood clot and she was too far gone by that point anyways....
I'm a 56 yr old guy and it breaks my heart to know that she came to me for help because she loved me.
The circle of life can be short & cruel, but it must be continued.
My 3 month old Siamese kitten opal is on my lap :)

beryl-ann du plessis    International

11/8/2014 11:57:58 AM

By just sharing your memories has eased my own pain - besides losing two of my own cats this year, hardly a week goes by that we as an animal welfare organisation has to have an unloved disease ridden stray cat put down. As a last act of kindness I will give it a name and dedicate its soul to our Lord.

jamie    pickerington, IL

9/10/2014 5:07:48 PM

u did a realy good thing

Melissa    Grayslake, IL

1/4/2014 2:35:44 PM

Melissa Grayslake, IL

1/1/2014 1:28:34 PM


I was reading the stories of all these other precious angels that you are with. You are not alone! May you play, be loved, eat all the good kitty food and treats in heaven, with all these other babies in heaven and with your other loved
ones. You will always be our best friend and your favorite box and worm is always here for you!!!!

I love you so much!!!!

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