Kids and Cats Photo Contest Winners

The bond between cats and kids benefits children and teaches them about responsibility and relationships. You showed us photos of budding cat/kid bonds, and we picked our favorites for the Cats and Kids Photo Contest. Click here to view all entries.

Contest Winners Mocha and Kaitlyn 
Cat & Kid's Name: Mocha & Kaitlyn
Owners Name: Debbie M.

Contest Winners Spice and Taylor
Cat & Kid's Name: Spice & Taylor
Owners Name: Rachel

Contst Winner Parris
Cat's Name: Parris
Owners Name: Michelle C.

Contest Winner Squirrelly
Cat's Name: Squirrelly
Owners Name: Austin S.

Contest Winners Tumbleweed and Harrison
Cat  & Kid's Name: Tumbleweed & Harrison
Owners Name: Autem S.

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